When I am killing time in front of a blank page instead of writing for my thesis

I tell an anecdote

I was strolling around Bourj Hammoud yesterday with my friend Cara looking for cheap clothes. I was happily surprised to find a bustling street with people walking on sidewalks (for non-Lebanese residents in the world, people actually walking on sidewalks in itself is quite an event in Lebanon, see the previous post). So I find this shop that have a pair of pants for 30,000L.L. I don’t hesitate, try a pair and buy two different colors. The woman holding the shop is watching TV showing the meeting in France between Lebanese factions, and suddenly she starts screaming when she hears from the live reporter that “Fneish (Hizbullah) had just finished having lunch with Hamadeh (14 of March), along with other politicians”. She burst that all “hal 3kerit 3ambyetba2ato” (these **** are stuffing themselves) happily in France while they “niko ekht” (***ing the sister of) the country when they are here, and that we’re the only ones paying the price of this status-quo. So I start liking her (who wouldn’t?) and I approach to pay, and she looks at me with clear disgust and asks me: “Are you Syrian?” and I say “euuh no”, and then she continues: “so why are you wearing sandals?” Not having anticipated this remark I did not know what to answer so I mumbled something like: “because it is comfortable…” It was too late I had already paid…


3 Replies to “When I am killing time in front of a blank page instead of writing for my thesis”

  1. She really asked you this? heh crazy people 😛 talk about stereotyping.

    And about the thesis, I really identify with this, took me two years to finally finish it (actual work was barely 1 month)… So Good Luck.

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