Lebanese diary (2)

I don’t want to post often but this is necessary because it touches on our “sovereignty” and our “liberty”:

We need to do something about the horrendous rates we pay for virtually everything! We need to break all of the monopolistic practices that plague our economy! We need to destroy all the structures that makes a government a virtual mafia, and an opposition being an accomplice of the government for the most part.

Yesterday night, I was watching the only interesting Lebanese TV channel New TV. They have a program called “Corruption”. They had Zuheir Berro the head of the association for the protection of the consumer. A guy you may never have heard of, but who has actually worked for your interest for the past decade or so, a guy who worked diligently to denounce any type of excess the government and its affiliated monopolies engage in. Basically a guy who is worth all of your politicians.

The moderator(ess) is everything but a moderator. She is wild and fiery and rarely lets Berro and co. talk of anything. But still she’s actually making a show that has no precedent in the history of Lebanon so is forgiven. I can understand her excitement. So a lot of bashing against the government but also nicely enough against the opposition who are sitting playing cards and tawleh in their tents while Solidere is building right next to them. Actually I saw the new building project: It is between Virgin and Annahar building.

By the way, I think the Annahar building is the main cause behind the downfall of the newspaper. They had to live to the expectation of its price! I loved the moderator who at some point decided to answer some criticism to the show voiced by a journalist in Annahar. After answering she said: “We as journalists are sad to see such a great newspaper (historically) go down to such low levels so as to cover for corruption and being apologist of the ruling monopolists”. So I thought “way to go woman!”

Another nice thing was to hear people actually calling from all over Lebanon. Now where do you get that on Lebanese TV? A guy from Bint Jbeil with a problem with fixed telephone lines. Another from Jounieh, etc. So many people calling to tell the “politicians” that they don’t have patience for political affiliation, they just want to see exploitation stop.

At some point the commentator called the Minister of Finance Azour but the latter could not take the call because his wife was giving birth! She congratulated him and asked him to get back to them when he can. Idem for the Minister of Telecommunication Hamade who’s phone was closed.

Now citizens of Lebanon, stay tuned for more anti-exploitation demonstrations. Turn off your phones when you should. Soon we’ll do stuff against the DSL robbery, and against the cartel for fuel. Oh and against the bank!! I’ll post more about all this.


5 Replies to “Lebanese diary (2)”

  1. that show is actually quite good and informative once you pass it through the usual filters 🙂 and it sparks quite intense conversations at times.

    btw bech, do you have much info on DSL? I haven’t been able to find much besides a few articles here and there, but they weren’t comprehensive …

  2. “if there was a way to build it, there will be a way to detroy it. things are not all that out of control” (sadier/gane, 1991)

  3. Concerning DSL, I read somewhere and was also told several times by various people that although we had the infrastructure for ADSL, we’re not having it because Marwan Hamade’s son had a stock of modems to sell before they made it work. Literally what I proudly call a son of a bitch. And guess who the bitch is.

  4. I actually remember where I read it : it’s on niouzes.blogspot and I was told by 3 people exactly the same story, which people don’t particularly hunt for news on the internet.

  5. More on DSL here.
    Check the link because it goes in the archive.

    Basically Ogero has unfair advantage in the market over other ISPs, and not enough Bandwidth in the market is pushing the prices artificially high. Syria for example has a much more reliable service in terms of speed and quality and has cheaper price.

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