If you thought Beirut was a complicated place in a complicated (made-up) country, in a chopped-up region, then wait until you travel to one of the Balkan territories where different religions, languages, tribal affiliations are stacked in territories formerly part of different age-old empires. Their entry into “modernity” is paved with tragedies: first joining the […]

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A Poetic interlude with René Char

Le Marteau sans maître (1934) Commune présence Tu es pressé d’écrire, Comme si tu étais en retard sur la vie. S’il en est ainsi fais cortège à tes sources. Hâte-toi. Hâte-toi de transmettre Ta part de merveilleux de rébellion de bienfaisance. Effectivement tu es en retard sur la vie, La vie inexprimable, La seule en […]

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Raï in Jerusalem

The new Christian maronite patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros el Rai, has been making some bold moves since the beginning of his mandate. First his visit to Syria in the midst of the conflict degenerating, and now his decision to visit Jerusalem as the Catholic pope has schedule a Middle East tour, all show that Rai […]

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