Just a quick thought on Lebanon’s fate

I may repeat others and also myself in what follows but hey, who said history is not an endless repetition of mistakes. Here are some notions that could be taught in any introductory class on Lebanese politics: 1- Different nations, different turfsLebanon is based on a confessional system. Meaning that division of political prerogatives is […]

the inevitable neocon

Anyone that tells me that neoconservative have not much influence in US foreign policy should think twice. They just have been re-allocated for the most part.It does not mean that they’re not in deep trouble, as theirre re-assessment of the Iraqi venture would suggest.

At last US shows weakness

which is quite of a scary thing really…Condoleeza Rice stating that Iran could be a “stabilizing force in Iraq” could mean two things in the US foreign policy psyche:1- ok we admit that we can’t really do anything about Iran, thing are getting pretty messy in Iraq.2- we may hit Iran, but we have no […]

mon petit doigt l’a dit

Yedot Ahronot and other newspapers are reporting that some “sources” predict that Hizbullah may be planning to activate sleeper cells in New York and other big cities to stage an attack as the nuclear showdown with Iran heats up. You know I sometimes wonder who falls more for conspiracy theories, the Arabs or the Americans?And […]

…and justice for all!

Syria issues warrant for Lebanese MP JumblattBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESSDAMASCUS, Syria A Syrian military prosecutor issued an arrest warrant Monday for a prominent Lebanese lawmaker charged with inciting the US to invade Syria, a lawyer said. Syrian authorities referred the warrant to Interpol, requesting that Walid Jumblatt by brought to Syria “by force,” attorney Hossam […]