the inevitable neocon

Anyone that tells me that neoconservative have not much influence in US foreign policy should think twice. They just have been re-allocated for the most part.It does not mean that they’re not in deep trouble, as theirre re-assessment of the Iraqi venture would suggest.

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At last US shows weakness

which is quite of a scary thing really…Condoleeza Rice stating that Iran could be a “stabilizing force in Iraq” could mean two things in the US foreign policy psyche:1- ok we admit that we can’t really do anything about Iran, thing are getting pretty messy in Iraq.2- we may hit Iran, but we have no […]

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mon petit doigt l’a dit

Yedot Ahronot and other newspapers are reporting that some “sources” predict that Hizbullah may be planning to activate sleeper cells in New York and other big cities to stage an attack as the nuclear showdown with Iran heats up. You know I sometimes wonder who falls more for conspiracy theories, the Arabs or the Americans?And […]

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…and justice for all!

Syria issues warrant for Lebanese MP JumblattBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESSDAMASCUS, Syria A Syrian military prosecutor issued an arrest warrant Monday for a prominent Lebanese lawmaker charged with inciting the US to invade Syria, a lawyer said. Syrian authorities referred the warrant to Interpol, requesting that Walid Jumblatt by brought to Syria “by force,” attorney Hossam […]

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How to sound good

Israel has supposedly decided to give 11 million dollars for medical and health aid in the occupied territory from the initial 55 million dollas it confiscated from the newly democratically elected Hamas-dominated parliament. These 55 million dollars were proceeds from taxes and customs collected in the occupied territories, the due democratic right of this government. […]

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It was a good year for the Israelis

Les exportations israéliennes vers des pays arabes ont augmenté de 34,5 % durant le premier trimestre de 2006 par rapport à la même période de l’an dernier pour atteindre 57 millions de dollars, a indiqué hier l’Institut israélien des exportations. Vingt-sept entreprises israéliennes ont notamment exporté vers l’Irak essentiellement pour fournir l’armée américaine en équipements […]

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Lebanese media reveal its true face

At last we needed an event such as the one occuring today to show how “intellectual” life (concerning social issues) is completely rotten, and have been so for a while now. Whether one thinks that politics have to do with today’s demonstrations in Beirut, grouping Hezbollah, Aoun’s movement, Amal, the Communists, the various Syndicates and […]

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the slave’s excess of zeal

Some 14 of March people are going to thank right-wing hawkish, unilateralist and extremist, John Bolton, the US ambassador at the UN. From the Lebanese Forces, the Mustaqbal party, Jumblatt’s party, Fares Sa3eyd, and Dory Chamoun himself representing his little tribal party: غادر وفد من بيروت مساء أمس متوجها الى واشنطن تلبية لدعوة من ومجلس […]

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killing for financial reasons

A Fortune magazine article puts Al Madina money laundering scandal at the heart of Hariri’s assassination. Although information about Al Madina’s scandal could be correct, I don’t think that Maher el Assad and others wanted to kill Hariri because of it. Look for the political reasons I would say. Even if the Syrian leadership is […]

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When will they learn?

According to Assafir (yesterday and today), A Syrian Muslim Brotherhood delegation visited Lebanon several times, and information leaked by our political superstar Walid Jumblatt. So much so, that one of the members of the brotherhood resides in Lebanon! the three others came from Britain where the “Superintendent” Ali Sadr Al Bayanouni stays. Fortunately enough, we […]

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