Chanson du dernier enfant juif: A poetic interlude with Edmond Jabes (some time between 1943-1945)

Mon père est pendu à l’étoile, ma mère glisse avec le fleuve, ma mère luit mon père est sourd, dans la nuit qui me renie, dans le jour qui me détruit. La pierre est légère. Le pain ressemble à l’oiseau et je le regarde voler. Le sang est sur mes joues. Mes dents cherchent une […]

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Democracy for you

What is mostly fascinating in Lebanon is that it presents an excellent example of the fictions of democracy. It renders visible the inherent tension between power/authority necessary for rules and decisions to be taken and people’s ‘bread and circus’ the democratic processes where unlike the Roman setting, here, we are made to believe that ‘everybody […]

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Aoun parading in Damascus

Sometimes Al Akhbar becomes such a trashy Nationalist newspaper. Everybody has been commenting about Michel Aoun’s visit to Syria, some describing it as a visit to the devil (I’ll let you guess which media outlet) and others going as far as saying that it’s the most important post-Taef visit. So the screams of the Lebanese […]

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‘Informed’ information

People deplore the fact there is no “neutral” press in Lebanon, or for that matter in other parts of the world. People don’t realize that press ‘neutrality’ does not exist indeed cannot exist, because of the very structure of a press outlet. Newspapers, TV or whatever are bound by the territory or the history in […]

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Extraits du livre des questions

“Je ne t’ai pas cherchée Sarah. Je te cherchais. Par toi, je remonte à l’origine du signe, à l’écriture non formulée qu’esquisse le vent sur le sable et sur la mer, à l’écriture sauvage de l’oiseau et du poisson espiègle. Dieu, Maître du vent, Maître du sable, Maître des oiseaux et des poissons, attendait de […]

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