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The filth

Leader of the Kataeb (Phalangist) Amin Gemayel said yesterday something like:

“Nobody gives us lesson on “Resistance”. We were the first to practice “Resistance” back in Tal el Zaatar”.

You mean the sadistic pseudo-nazi treatment you administered (before simply killing) against the inoffensive population (women, kids, disabled, and old people) of a Palestinian camp?

Update: The Ahrar “tigers” (another right wing feudally-controlled Christian militia group) responded to Gemayel by saying that the Tal el Zaatar “military operations” were done by them (the group of Dori chamoun, a guy later killed by Geagea. another right-wing criminal). So either the phalangists just randomly massacred after the real ‘military operations’, or the ‘tigers’ did both. In both cases, there is a competition between Christian groups to claim who actually did the horrors done in Tal el Zaatar. I’ll keep you updated…


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  1. Such performances are interesting in the Lebanese context, of arguably threadbare documented history vs abundant competing collective memory. Tel al Zaatar is only one episode subject to too-easy revision – not that history isn’t open to revision, but it is less susceptible to such unchecked statements. I don’t know, but it seems the overwhelming support for the army’s actions in the latest episode – Nahr el Bared – as a symptom of the shameful reality for the Palestinians in Lebanon (shameful for Lebanese, to be clear) in general, has sufficiently suppressed the competing memory and emboldened the likes of Gemayel to appropriate the resistance of a doomed people within a camp under siege.

  2. sorry m.i. but i saw it on TV, and I can’t find an article who quoted him. I have to say I’m not looking seriously as I can’t be bothered, being overwhelmed by things as you know.

    But I will write more on that most probably. I am preparing a comprehensive post on the state of “Christian politics”.

  3. Bech,
    whether you acknowledge it or not, and I know you won’t, christians were also massacred. Now you have a problem with people defending themselves against the palestinians because they suffered, just like zionists won’t have anyone criticize Israel because of the holocaust.
    At least, speak of both sides in respect of the people that died slaughtered because they were christians, like a couple of uncles and family friends – in their own country. Or at least, criticize the palestinian leadership, the Syrian leadership oh and the mourabitoun and other groups that decided to join in. You seem to have amnesia when it comes to the other side.
    I think I won’t visit this blog anymore because I think I’d rather spare you and readers messages like this, which I’m sure you don’t appreciate.


    Oh and for the sake of “objectivité”, don’t start talking of criminals please. Or then, have the audacity to name them all, and not only the “christians” ones.

  4. j’ai encore juste 2 choses à te dire Bechir :
    1. Tariqou al qods tamourrou fi jounieh
    2. Nahnou jounoud al islam

    All in our heads?
    Je t’ai mis ces deux là parce que ces deux là même le dernier des imbéciles les connait, alors tu ne peux pas prétendre ne pas les connaître.

  5. Sandrine, I think Bechir is referring specifically to the 7 week+ siege of Tel al Zaatar because it is the one unfortunate example Gemayel & the Ahrar chose to misappropriate. It would be hard to argue by anyone’s definition that these are acts of ‘resistance’:
    The camp fell on August 12, while al-Fatah was negotiating with the Kataeb for its evacuation. Rightist forces deliberately stormed the camp before these arrangements could be carried out – if, indeed, the Kataeb ever intended to carry them out – and also tricked the camp population into coming out into the open to face their fire. As the camp inhabitants streamed out, the rightist militias “fell on them like wolves,” arguing over how many Palestinians each group was entitled to execute and slaughtering them in cold blood. Entire families were killed. There was hardly a male between the ages of ten and fifty among those who managed to reach West Beirut. Boys of eight and ten were summarily executed. Girls no older than that were raped before being dispatched. All sixty camp nurses, women and men, were lined up two by two, marched out, and machine-gunned. Looters – often families of the killers – wore masks to protect themselves from the stench of rotting corpses. (Petran, T. “Struggle Over Lebanon” p.209 – New York: 1987)
    When you publicly make a statement like Gemayel’s, you have to prepared to be held accountable. On the other hand, if one’s definition of resistance to “Jerusalem via Jounieh” or this idea of an ‘Islamic peril’ encompasses the acts described by Tabitha Petran above, then who can argue?

  6. Hi m.i.,
    actually I do not defend at all Gemayel’s position in general.
    About the extract you put : you must know, as I do, that there are various sources and various narrations of the battles that took place.
    Still, my point wasn’t specifically about tal el zaatar, I am not pro anything but what bothers me, everytime, with Bechir’s statements (and he knows it) is that I always seem to read critics of “Christians” (whatever the hell that means now) and never even a slight mention of what the palestinians/ Syrians / Arabs did, or how the lebanese christians lived the events (I mentioned only the actors above or the sake of simplification and understanding of the mind of a basic christian – such as me)
    I don’t pretend that there is no racism on behalf of some, but why not talk also of other parties ?
    Why isn’t there the slighest critic of what the palestinians or the syrians did during the war (knowing it’s rather the syrians than the palestinians, because they were the ones to manipulate).
    Then, when you speak of fascism ?
    I mean, come on, explain to the simple mind that I am how come everytime I visit here, there is almost a praise for Hesbollah ?
    Let’s be critical of everyone : my point is, if we are going to tolerate (in the litteral definition of the word) salafists or shiite extremism (or what might be perceived as such by some who fear long term islamisation of Lebanon – again, pardon my simple mind), then why the hell not tolerate everyone ?
    It’s just unbearable to me that someone like Bechir will be so harsh on some parties and yet, find very logical and social explanation to the developments of others.
    I really am not pro kataeb. It’s just for the sake of partiality and the danger of wrong perception of that period- just too plain simple and “bushy” (wrong / right)- kind of interpretation.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for the reference – didn’t know the book, and will check it out.


  7. Bon, c’est peut-être cliché ce que j’ai dit plus haut, mais n’empêche,ça illustre ce que j’essaye de dire.
    Sinon autant pas sortir les conneries que disait Bechir Gemayel dans ses discours. C tout pareil.
    Bref, le dernier des imbéciles, je suis prête à en discuter et me faire prouver que je suis complètement con de penser ce que j’ai dit plus haut


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