MEMRI (Suite)

By far the most relaxing piece read on the subject. Contains a lot of information on the colonel Carmon, his ex-Israeli intelligence work. What I love is the conclusion:

In other words, it would appear MEMRI is an Israeli intelligence operation, or if it is not directly an intelligence operation it more than likely shares information with Israeli intelligence. If this is true—and is one of the reasons the org’s books should be opened—MEMRI should be registered as working for a foreign government and should obviously have its non-profit status revoked. Of course, if we didn’t live in Bushzarro World, MEMRI would be not only disbanded, but investigated for espionage.

Of course, in the twisted labyrinth of Bushzarro World, non-profit Zionist organizations, staffed by former Israeli intelligence operatives—and some would say there is no such thing as a “former intelligence operative”—are not only perfectly normal, they are given preferential treatment.

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