when it’s love

Found somewhere in the south of Lebanon (courtesy of Sana)


15 Replies to “when it’s love”

  1. the idf is populated by our brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and cousins etc.. yes we love those soldiers and yes we care for them and contribute to organisations that support them through the difficult chapter of being a soldier..

    our soldiers unlike those of the HA or thr USA for that matter are not there by choice.. our defence conscription is a part of our governmental framework.. i hope it soon changes.. i hope for peace..

    while i once had some respect for this blog.. i now think it is not much more than a cowardly little commentary on things its author’s know and care little about..

    your constant sarcasm shows you have nothing more significant to contribute.. the substance of your posts is emotionally funded by the suffering of others..

    dont worry.. this israeli wont return..

    peace to you all..


  2. hmm..apokraphyte?

    is this page for the side of Lebonon only.

    or it is about factual pro’s and con’s of the current state of affairs.

    I think Lirun has a point.

    I am curious what exactly do you stand for?

    You know me I have been straight forward no-apologies.
    (Just a gal with i hope my fair minded christian right box!=)

    I am just curious, is this blogg a support mechanism of the lebonese alone?

    If so then you may want to change the title from Thoughts on the Middle East to Thoughts and Commentary of Vanquishing the
    Evil Isreal and Lebonon is guiltless. It would seem more befitting of your subjects recently.


  3. E.,

    I am here at the library, but you don’t seem to be around … I am still waiting on those book reports … Any luck …?

    As for where I stand, well, let’s just say I hope the meek inherit the earth — everything else is gravy …

  4. you do not see me because you are in DC and I am in AZ silly!

    If you were here you would =)

    Monday nights ASU campus…geeze!
    The book you recommended..apokraphyte its all conspiracy driven. It a bore and if i actually take it in then My freinds and I the missionaries are supposedly a part of the plot to take over the world.
    Can you recommend somthing more realistic..its like believing you have no bias.

  5. oh ….can i recommend a book for you…how about Blue like Jazz …since your handing out book reports =)

    that should be fare…

    happy reading..i look forward to your summery!


  6. E,

    Why did I know there would be a “fare” for me in all of this … ?

    Given your interest in religious matters, I am a bit surprised that you find the economic, social and political history of American Evangelism a “bore” … As a Papist, I can never get enough tales of Roman intrigue, past and present … Sed, de gustibus non disputandum est …

    I will check out your book, but if American Evangelicalism is where our readings are to begin, let’s start with George Marsden’s “Fundamentalism and American Culture” and anything by Martin Marty on the same subject and then we will move on to the Christian best seller list … How does that sound?

    See you in the stacks …

  7. Peachy…I am so glad you are up for it!
    I am totally there with you!

    See all this communication its making life so much sweeter. =)….

    I feel the nostaglia already…

  8. Laz,

    It is a great book and very relevant to some of the issues you seem interested in on your blog, but I sense that tongue may be in cheek so let me know if you want the 411 …

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