a long trip but not much has changed

I left Lebanon on the 25th of August (or so) right after the end of the war. Since then, I have been to Paris, then to Sweden (and Norway at some point) for a musical tour with the Moukhtabar Ensemble. Then I went to London where I am about to start a PhD program in War Studies at King’s College. More on the last bit will come when I’ll talk about my research interests in subsequent posts.

This was just to say why I have been so inactive on the blog lately. I have been looking for a place to stay in London (the most expensive city so far i have been to). Finally I found one and although I did not move yet I decided to start blogging more intensively. A month has past since then.

So we apologize (me and apocraphyte who’s been working like a dog, because that’s what one does in the US) to our wide audience (that went down from let’s say 700 dudes max during the war to some 100 per day, today) hoping that people will regain interest. I know that now that the bombs are not falling, Lebanese blogs have lost popularity. But let’s remind people that the war is just an episode – quite extreme actually – in a wider big problematic that should be diagnozed especially during peace so that we can prevent war or see it coming at least.

All I can tell you – and you don’t need me to tell you – is that the Middle East is just about to start getting into serious trouble. Iraq is a big cemetery, Palestine is just a constant humiliation, and Lebanon is simply a big shame (a lebanese shame) so is Sudan. who’s next? Iran, maybe Syria? let’s see.


6 Replies to “a long trip but not much has changed”

  1. Bech,

    I wish you a lot of work to keep you busy in the future…maybe its the only way to refrain you from expressing all your hatred in your blog. Save time and troubles, your opinions, ALL YOUR OPINIONS, brings truly nothing new. It is a pity to say that, but Hezbollah is saying the same. And I prefer to listen to its charismatic leader that to read a intellectualized transcript in your blog. What benefits are you bringing to the debate? What proposal whatsoever are you carrying? Nothing. Just the same – Hezbollah and Iran are very humanistic regimes-Hezbollah is the only true uncorrupted political party in Lebanon-Sunnis are wahabist bastards-Christians are very dangerous fascists-Saudis are devils and USA is Satan- Am I exaggerating?, please read your previous posts. I do that often for a good laugh. Your blog is a MONUMENT of dogmatic thoughts and vues (and contains many many historical errors and other fallacious rumours-by the way what happened to the intelligence officer that gave you the tip about LF being armed? Did he catch anything?) I mean, you evaluate Ahmadinejad by first referring to what D.Pipes is saying about him. And because Pipes is saying that, you will stand for the contrary (by the way Ahmadinejad has publicly stated he wanted Islam to dominate the hills of the world, and that he wanted to wipe of Israel from the map, Pipes didn’t invent anything). This also applies for all your opinions on the US policies, Iran and other international and cultural matters. I can virtually anticipate your opinions on practically everything, it is true that I know you from a long time, but that does not explain everything. Your reasoning is just so basic; it is a pity that your dense intellectual activity is following such a narrow pattern of thinking. I must admit that something is puzzling me. I would be very interested to have your opinions about Jews and WWII. Revisionism is the only thing that you miss to be a perfect Iran spokesperson.

    Nothing personal as usual, just a quick and spontaneous remarkz from a person you angry a lot (I always inaugurate my days with angriness, its always motivating, so I start with your blog and continue with Al-Akhbar, not bad at all in dogmatic genre, and I finish with Tayyar.org).

    I hope to see you next time in Paris, politics must not separate old friends.


  2. Read the transcripts of Ahmadinejad’s speech that weren’t distributed by MEMRI, you’ll be surprised…

    So you think LF spies story was just a lie. and it is me whom you accuse of mauvaise foi?

    Al Akhbar are dogmatics? So it is true that when a unique intellectual event happens that can lift people up from their intellectual slumber, they will tend to prefer to sit idle in their ignorance.

    Also if you think i think this way:
    Hezbollah is the only true uncorrupted political party in Lebanon-Sunnis are wahabist bastards-Christians are very dangerous fascists-Saudis are devils and USA is Satan

    Then there is no point talking anymore. You seem to enjoy bringing me to very low levels of intellectual discursive efforts, maybe to match with your current level of understanding Hezbollah.

    I don’t hate anyone it is you who hate Hezbollah and demonize Iran just like Bush. For my part I criticize current US foreign policy and Israeli political lines today. I don’t bedevil them quite the contrary. I also criticize those in Lebanon that chose what I think (and this can be debated but you never seem too inclined to do so) are taking the wrong turns for the future of this wanna-be country. I happen to criticize Hezbollah on many issues, especially when I think the party is acting just like any other sectarian group in Lebanon. But sometimes they don’t and this needs to be pointed out because it is a new political ‘thing’. Too bad people can’t see the good things when they have been waiting for them for so long.

    You should stop accusing me of being “Iranian” it is really pitiful. It is as if you’re stressing everytime more and more the fact that you are “dogmatically” anti-Iranian. Do you get what I am saying? Everytime you try to say “Bechir is this or that” it is as if you were saying “I am the contrary of what is Bechir so I need to define what Bechir is”.

    If you want to express something let’s engage in a real discussion. Convince me of what you think is good for the country (whatever you think), and I’ll try to do the same. I’m sure if we leave our demons at home then we will arrive at something.

  3. Albert, I find screaming into a pillow helps. St John’s Wort is also good. Sorry to state the obvious but why even bother to read Bech’s blog? Let’s be honest, the only thing one gets from your comment is your clear obsession with Bech tinged with the delusional hope that you might check in one day to find he’s lost his mind sufficiently to join your ignorant ranks. Well, he’s unlikely to do that, and you’re clearly not interested in dialogue, so move on.

    Bech, I read your blog all the time and it’s priceless. Must make a note to self to post more comments that counter this sort of shite. People are quick to aggressively comment when they’re too lazy to really consider an alternative, and too lazy to comment when the blogger is reliably lucid and refreshingly sane. I fall into the latter category on this occasion (although I’ve been known to frequent both…).

    Anyway, wishing you every success at King’s and I hope your War Studies workload allows for more of the same. Peace.

  4. Thank you Maha. You’re obviously more open to dialogue than I am, or maybe I’am to ignorant for you. In both cases I’m sorry to have expressed different opinions.

  5. Albert, let’s talk habibe. Ma tez3al. I’m not taking issue with your difference of opinion. I’m taking issue with your idea of “expressing” your opinion, which to me reads more like “imposing”, or “attacking with”.

    You’ve made it very personal and sticking with the personal theme, I personally feel excluded from loubnanak.

    I share similar views to Bech’s about nationalism. My disdain for it is not because I don’t care about the people, but because I do. I think you’ll find nationalists are usually misanthropes, or at least their philanthropy extends only as far as their front doors. Yes, I think there’s more than a bit of truth in the characterisation of the “Right” as “what’s good for me and mine”, which by definition applies to all forms of nationalism. I.e., exclusionist politics. Yuck.

    Too much nationalism and you end up with bigotry and a fascist state (will you get upset if I point my humble finger south of the border?), not enough and you end up with parochialism, bigotry and Lebanon… Bleak eh? I think you really should try to look beyond the black turbans to understand why HizbAllah is worth an ear in this sea of short-sighted, bloody-handed Dr’s, Beik’s and Heirs.

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