The Israeli-Syrian front

Can somebody explain why does Israeli Defense minister Peretz makes sign of ouverture to Syria in Haaretz and makes a show of force in Yediot Ahronot? Very Strange. And reports that Syrian and Israeli officials met in july is even stranger. It’s meeting period it seems. And its always like this when all hell is breaking loose.


6 Replies to “The Israeli-Syrian front”

  1. It’s well & truly meeting season. There have been reports for some time of Syria making overtures at Israel & the US. Didn’t Basshar El (toothless) Assad more than hint at the importance of “negotiations” in his resistance-appropriating victory speech back in August?

    In a Haaretz article dated 15 September ( ), Miguel Moratinos’ discusses his role as middleman between Syria and The West. Here’s a bit of what he had to say about Damascus’s willingness to make direct contact with Israel:

    “‘In my meetings with President Assad and Foreign Minister Walid Moallem, I found a desire to join this process in a constructive manner. Of course they are concerned about their status in the world and are trying to win the attention of the international community and be rescued from the isolation in which they find themselves since the assassination of Hariri. The Syrians are interested in being part of the regional political and security structure, and understand that in order to be rescued from the policy of isolation that the United States is imposing on them they must demonstrate a positive attitude and good will. I believe that we have to have a certain amount of trust in them. I have a feeling that we are approaching positive Syrian involvement in creating a new future. They are willing to begin contacts with Israel immediately. They continue to envision the return of the Golan Heights, and I believe that in return for that it will be possible to achieve a peace agreement between the two countries.'”

    The article headline is “The Syrians aren’t eager to arm Hezbollah”.

    If this isn’t all part of a broader strategy of softening the Israeli public up for talks with Syria while maintaining the regional muscle-flex, I don’t know what is.

    As for Peretz’s apparent schizophrenia, I’d say it’s the oldest marketing trick in the book, & one that The Bitter Beik of Mukhtara is a dab hand at: tailor your product for the market. One man’s horseshit is another man’s fertiliser.

  2. The Syrians are having trouble with the negotiations. Their idea is results first then negotiations.

    The Israelis are more conventional. Negotiations first then results.

    Since the Syrians shit bricks every time they even think of the Israeli military perhaps they could get better results by doing negotiations the conventional way. Of course that would mean admitting that the Israelis actually have possesion of the Golan. Something forbidden to the Arabs. They never lose anything to that place over there – you know that Arab territory occupied by “those people”.

    I blame Tribalism.

    Syrians show restraint to further negotiations. Arm Hizballah.

    As usual the Syrians are negotiating geniuses. In that respect the son is no smarter than the father.

  3. Civilised God bless you m.simon, riveting stuff, and oh so civilised. I can just see you sitting in your conservatory, looking out onto the lush, civilised shrubbery of Illinois from under your mounted deer’s head extolling your endless wisdoms on the scourge that is and always has been The East. Ignorant me didn’t know until now that Judaism was born in The West.

    As for the 7 laws, well Civilised God strike me dead! Hilarious. Your invoking them in this context truly beggars belief. But hey, my feeble little tribal mind worships the false god of comedy. Indulge me a little more. I’m in need of some comic relief to help me digest the leg I just tore off a stray cat as I stand over the civilised Westerner typing these words under threat of a murderous blow from my sword…

    Did the civilised universalist unJewish state of Israel adhere to the 7 laws during its recent epic odyssey into the east-up-north?

    Thanks to your gripping wisdoms, I’ll now think twice before I entertain the idea of braving the wilds of Illinois.

    Musharraf flogs a book, m.simon flogs a (hopefully) dead horse.

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