Polishing the enemy: the Revolutionary Guard

Mideastwire translated this sensationalist article from yesterday’s Kuwaiti nest of (mis)intelligence leaks Al Seyassah:

Well-informed sources revealed to Al Seyassah the identity of the non-Syrian figures who were with the head of the Syrian National Security General Hisham Bekhtyar in front of the Saint Georges Hotel (the scene of the assassination of Premier Rafik Al-Hariri), three days before the terrorist attack. They assured that these figures were officers in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and that there were over 30 of them who were seen carrying sophisticated devices.
They entered Lebanese territory via the military line [line previously set up on the border between Syria and Lebanon to facilitate the passage of military figures], knowing that there is no protocol between Lebanon and Syria which allowed non-Syrian officers to cross into the Lebanese territories via the (former) military line. The sources assured that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers checked in at the Beau Rivage Hotel during their stay in Lebanon, and didn’t pay their bill when they left. They indicated that the Hotel owner asked … the former head of the Syrian State Security body in Beirut several times to pay the bill, but the latter ignored the matter.
It is worthy mentioning that the Syrian intelligence in Beirut occupied a part of the Beau Rivage. On the other hand, the same sources assured Al Seyassah that among the prominent Lebanese figures who knew in advance about the plan to assassinate Al-Hariri, were former Minister (S.F.) [initials in reference to pro-Syrian leader Suleiman Franjieh] who knew about the orders given to erase the evidence of the crime, and former Minister (E.F.) [in reference to pro-Syrian leader Elie Ferzli], who said that the perpetrator of the crime was a suicide bomber, then recanted his statements and said it was a slip of the tongue!

Sometimes I wonder where was Al Seyassah all this time to leak stuff on Israeli or US covert actions in Lebanon or for that matter in the Middle East at large. If you have such good connections with the secret services, get us some information on dar al shaytan friends.

Another thought has just come to mind: the Iranian revolutionary guard is quickly becoming a very mystical entity. Why everytime somebody has to sneeze in the Middle East there is a revolutionary guard behind him? I don’t understand. Are they that indispensable? Can’t you fight or blow up things without them? This creates a very peculiar phenomenon: inflating the image of the enemy. Whenever the revolutionary guard is mentioned, the air gets thicker. Soon you’ll just get goose bumps without even knowing why they were there. They could just be there staring at things, drinking tea or something. In this example do you really need “30 Iranian revolutionary guard” to carry “sophisticated” materials around? I mean can’t you get any human being with two legs and two arms to do it? It’s just the fact that the RG was there, it’s scary in itself.


3 Replies to “Polishing the enemy: the Revolutionary Guard”

  1. If you sneezed in the Middle Ages, an Assassin (assessi, hashsheshi…whatever takes your fancy) was likely behind you. During the Cold War, a KGB agent handed you a tissue. The common denominator is that deprivation of rights and sanctioning of (war) crimes at home and abroad depends on selling the enemy of the day as a more formidable one than history usually reveals it to be.

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