On the Saudi Israeli meeting

I don’t understand why people are making such fuss about Olmert meeting with the Saudi king. Even if they did not meet in person Israeli and Saudis have been aligned for years in terms of Israeli-Palestinian issues. In any case this is not another post that is shocked by these possible discussions but by something completely different: A background note found in the Haaretz article on the subject describing what Prince Bandar has been doing in Washington as ambassador for all these years (a part from living like a prince):

The prince served for nearly 22 years as the Saudi ambassador to Washington, playing a key role in facilitating peace moves in the Middle East.

Can you please tell me where do you see peace in the Middle East, or facilitation of it? Seriously when was the last time you saw a “piece” of “peace” in the Middle East? Where does this sentence come from? isn’t it weird that it pops up like this right out of the blue after the fourth sentence between:

Prince Bandar visited Jordan 10 days ago, the same time period as the reported secret Olmert meeting.


The Prime Minister’s Office said in response to the Haaretz report that “We know of no such meeting.”

It is as if the article is trying to say that what Bandar and Olmert were trying to do is facilitate peace in the region. They almost got me there! but I’m sure they got many others… Haaretz? another indication that sometimes you’re trying to screw people up.


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