Somebody said water?

So for those Lebanese who still live in denial (a substantial part of them it seems), for those who still doubt that Israel has strategic goals in Lebanon and does not just “re-act” to Hezbollah’s presence please read this:

an Israeli bulldozer carried out digging work on Tuesday before laying water pipes in the Wazzani River in Marjayoun in a bid to funnel water to the town of Ghajar, the National News Agency (NNA) reported this week. Five Israeli tanks were seen in Tallat Mahames inside the eastern sector in the South, the NNA added.

This is the lead of the article (written on the 20th of Sept.):

Israeli bulldozers started to level the soil and cut down olive trees in Yarin in the Tyre region on Monday, spoiling several cultivated fields and preventing farmers from inspecting their lands. “Israeli bulldozers have spoiled my land, cutting down the fruit trees I’ve planted,” said farmer Shaker Afleh on Tuesday, as he and his daughter watched the bulldozers on his land from a kilometer away.
Israel’s earth-movers have cut down several trees belonging to more than 10 members of the Abu Dellah family.


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