Tchouang Tseu said

One has to accept everything as it comes,
Take account of people as humble as they can be,
Execute your tasks even without surveillance,
Formulate laws, even if incomplete,
Accomplish your duties, even if without enjoyment,
Respect the other,
Develop love for all creatures,
Follow rites without being constrained by them,
Know the just measure of an elevated conscience.

Adapt unity to change, this is the Tao.


4 Replies to “Tchouang Tseu said”

  1. i m glad u decided to blog again.
    I agree with S.It could have been Christ as well.
    the values preached by different religions/ philosophies have LOTS of similarities at the core. Certain aspects get more emphasis based on the sociopolitical enviroment in which they were conceived.

    looking forward to your views on student life at AUB..Intrigued to see how things have become and if they changed at all

  2. Thanks for keeping the beast alive!!

    I almost never comment but I’ve been a loyal reader for quite some time, glad you decided to stick around!

  3. Thanks for the encouragements friends.

    just one comment on this post HT. it is true that sociopolitical environement differ and that most of the content is pretty much the same, but these historical differences are quite important and do shape different traditions. With time passing, different themes are emphasized, virtues cultivated in different languages, understood with different meanings, etc. that is what is fascinating about this specie called humans.

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