Christian desperation to be "different"

A disproportionate number of the Middle Eastern country’s Christian men carry a Y chromosome that is clearly of Western European origin, which scientists believe was carried to the region by Crusaders and pilgrims between the 11th and 13th centuries.
This genetic signature is more often seen among Christians, and more rarely in Lebanon’s Muslim or Druze communities. The Y chromosomes of many Muslim men trace their ancestry to earlier migrations from the Arabian Peninsula, as Islam spread during the 7th and 8th centuries.
The findings, from a study of 926 Lebanese men, suggest that both Christian and Muslim communities in Lebanon owe their origins, at least in part, to different founding events.
Study co-leader Pierre Zalloua, of the Lebanese American University in Beirut, said: ‘This (has) revealed new insights into the complex history of my country.’
The research, published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, focused on the male Y chromosome, which can be used to chart patrilineal descent. It found 10 per cent of Lebanese Christian men belong to a Y group known as R1b, which is of Western European origin. Just 6per cent of non-Christians had this kind of chromosome.
This indicates that more Christians than non-Christians have at least one male ancestor from Western Europe, and fits with the region’s history.
More than 250,000 men from Europe travelled to the Middle East during the four Crusades.

Now ok this is a very funny article treating a very pathetic concern but there are things important to note here:

1- The study was conducted by some Christian ‘academic’ from a public university in Lebanon. This tells you a lot about the presence of a knowledge industry that searches and elaborates through scientific legitimating methods the presence of particularities.
2- I really love how this contradicts a lot of Christian claims saying that those who really ‘made out’ with the crusaders were the Shi’a (la’ano keno feltenin) who obviously have a higher intensity of blonds, blue eyed and round cheeks (of course this is another bullshit theory but in this case not being pushed for legitimation).
3- Maronite Christians historically come from the Arab peninsula whether you want it or not. Now in the process was there any fornication that followed that I am sure it sometimes happened with whomever was on the way and depending on a case by case basis. But Maronite Christians are the most Arab types of Christians through their rites, their use of the language, their social practices, etc. (I’m talking historically, because today and especially since the civil war, they changed a lot in all these practices).

6 Replies to “Christian desperation to be "different"”

  1. euh.. I read Zalloua’s article in the national geographic and I saw him on tv, he conducted a search to see whether there is something called “phoenicians” we could relate to in our genes – that was the subject of his search aznd his conclusions were pretty different from what this lebanese “academic” has put forth:

    It doesn’t have much in common with BS theories about christians coming from Europe. Bechir : who is this lebanese “academic” ?


  2. I just dont see the scientific significance of this study! 6% vs 10% on a study of less than 1000 people….just doesnt seem to suggest that much difference!

  3. change the (pathetic) title and conclusion then pretend to be an analyst.Christians never had an interest – and certainly not a political one – to say many of them are of european descent. The only person ever to say that was ur buddy nasrallah in 1982.
    Allah ynaourak


  4. When I say Christian desperation I don’t mean ALL Christians I mean one form of Christian viewpoint that is often voiced. If you never heard it than it is not my problem.

    Also, it seems you can speak on behalf of “the Christians” and you know what “they think”. This is stupid and also contradicts your claim that “Christians” are not a homogeneous entity.

  5. Of course I don’t think that I speak on behalf of all christians ! As if I said I spoke on behalf of the ouwét !
    I’m just saying that the title can easily be interpreted as a generalization on christians!

    bess !

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