Annahar on electricity in Dahyeh

Check this article in Annahar that starts up with a horribly suspicious title: “electricity in the southern suburbs: a cause with valid demands, or a facade for undisclosed political goals?”, and then ends up re-iterating the obvious that in effect these guys do get way less electricity from other regions, some of individuals do steal by hanging cables (just like everywhere else in Lebanon).
So the author doing ‘a policing round’ of a neighborhood in the suburbs (Hay Selloum)and ask if people are paying electricity. He ends up getting some yeses and some noes. Great what a discovery. Nothing is said of hidden political agendas. And then he concludes that in any case, one should not have shot at these protesters, cause basically it is not cool to shoot at human beings protesting about standards of living.
So let’s summarize, this guy, arouse suspicion with a stupid title, then ends up playing cops and bandits in an area of the city trying to get some ‘juicy’ statements, then goes back to a general ethical claim, realizing that at the end of the day hanging a wire here or there, people do pay bills, don’t get much electricity, and are smashed by the increases in prices so they protest. In the process, he crystallizes the idea that the southern suburbs has “something fishy going on” by the mere fact of posing the problem of non-payment of bills as worthy of being investigated there. Long live investigative journalism. (Thanks Moussa)


2 Replies to “Annahar on electricity in Dahyeh”

  1. there is also a phrase asserting that 97% of residents of shiah (dahiyeh) do pay their bills according to edl, people of shiah were shot for protesting electric shortage. yet toad-frog-warlords and warlords-wannabe have the audacity to croak that they should pay before protesting. one day my friend, one day!
    وبحسب احصاءات “مؤسسة كهرباء لبنان” فان نسبة الجباية في دائرة الشياح التي تتبع لها الضاحية ادارياً تصل الى 97 %

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