LF pearls of Wisdom

Former Parliamentary Member Fares Soueid (who I consider to be somewhat of a bourgeois version of the Lebanese Forces nonetheless completely aligned with them) says:

Hizbullah falls into the same trap Bashir Gemayel fell in 1977 when he started weakening military institutions and put them under his wing, and then came the invasion in 1982 which gave Gemayel an opportunity to better dominate.

Now the best part is when he starts talking of “hizbullah agenda” which is one of:

building little states and not one State as the plan of the Lebanese State [whatever that means] is a Christian plan in Lebanon and the latter still want to play a part in it.

Is this actually a sentence? How does the first claim leads to the other? Can someone explain to me please? There is more in the article about other LF claims that the party tries as hard as possible to preserve civil peace. Yeah whatever. Sniping, that’s the way you preserve civil peace.


3 Replies to “LF pearls of Wisdom”

  1. I am not a fan of Fares Souaid, but I think he makes a valid point here.

    During the war, Souaid was not a supporter of the LF.

    His argument is that in the 70’s, phalangists and LF did not trust the army and the State to protect them against the perceived Palestinian threat and therefore created their own militia and Mini State.

    Today, we see HA using the same logic.

  2. dear anonymous you are wrong:
    There are crucial differences between LF and Hizb in this case.

    1- there was no army when Hizbullah emerged (whereas there was one at the time of Gemayel that he purposefully decided to weaken as it did work in his interest), and Hizbullah never followed a policy of weakening the army on the contrary. Today, it is a myth to think that Hizb is weakening the army, that’s march 14 propaganda, something Souaid is doing very well i see.

    2- you should listen more to Souaid. he’s completely aligned with LF ideas.

  3. Hello, which one is a way for Hezbollah to support the LAF?

    a. Shooting down army helicoper and create a precedent banning the LAF to fly there again (unless total coordination and protocol singed between the two institions/states).
    b. Ceate a precedent in prosecuting army personel since the Shiiah riots and army shooting. LAF has since become more sterile.
    c. Drawing red lines at Nahr el Bared to protect those who beheaded LAF personel.

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