March 14

A lot of people ask me why I don’t write anymore. I don’t like writing when a lot of things are happening at the same time. This tends to obscure my attention. Also I prefer things to cool down before I can talk about them. For example, I won’t write on Imad Mughnieh’s assassination before next week I guess. But I have a lot to say about it. The other reason why I don’t write is that I am trying to write a thesis. This means saving thinking-typing skills for this activity.

The other thing is that I started teaching at the American University of Beirut and I must say that everyday I feel like writing pages on this fascinating experience. What I am exposed to here, in terms of student life style, intellectual background, faculty interaction, the politics of the university, but also teaching in itself, is just so overwhelming. For someone who thinks his main activity is ‘observation’, well, AUB is like a microcosm of “Lebanon”. A microscosm of post-colonial discourse too. I hope to write more on that.

Let me leave you now with an anecdote. Do you know what happened on March 14 apart from a ‘cedar revolution’? On March 14, boys and girls, Israel invaded Lebanon for the first time in 1978. On this day houses were destroyed in some parts of the south, people got killed, etc. and on March 14 1995, the parliament issued a book entitled 14 March: Lebanese International Day for the South and Western Bekaa with a foreword by Berri. I’m sure this book was the result of the works of Amal and Hizbullah affiliated Parliamentary members, but I’m still investigating on it because it has a huge archive of Israeli aggression on Lebanon (prisoners, territory, water, etc). The main idea here is that these guys are actually contributing to the writing of Lebanese “causes” and history through the use of the sanctified institutions (Parliament).

Isn’t it a bit ironic? The conflicting histories of the “Lebanese” entity.

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8 Responses to March 14

  1. callipyge says:

    mabrouk for the teaching gig.
    What course are you teaching?

  2. sean says:

    It seems we’re colleagues then, although in different departments.

    Let me know if you’re up for lunch or coffee sometime…

  3. Anonymous says:

    miss you bichboch. It will be interesting to read your observations on student life at AUB.

  4. bech says:

    thanks callipyge, I’m teaching pspa101 and 203.

    sean send me an email or a telephone number.

    s. we miss you too around here.

  5. Sophia says:


    Good to read you. I will be awaiting your next posts.
    Do they need professors in Ethics and Philosophy, and also Science and Society at AUB ?

  6. bech says:

    hey sophia you should probably ask sean. but will ask too. you can check their website for openings.

  7. Sophia says:


    Thanks but that’s a wish I made to myself when I will be free from my obligations here in Canada. In other words, when I will retire, if there is going to be a retirement for me and my husband (actually I don’t think so).
    But in the meantime, I will have a look at what they are doing in this field and I can maybe establish an exchange on specific topics in the field relevant to the lebanese context.

    Good luck with your teaching.

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