Junior Mints Win Their Freedom …

Israel has released those (militants-then junior militants-then gunmen-and now obviously civilians) it captured during a raid in Baalbek at the beginning of the month. See here for how the Israeli propaganda machine spun the “daring commando raid” and see here for a grim look at the human cost of what actually happened …


2 Replies to “Junior Mints Win Their Freedom …”

  1. on the day on the operation i was with my friend on the phone. his family lives in baalbek and i was really worried about them. so i called him and as i was talking to him, i was watching CNN. he was describing to me what his dad lived through.. his dad is a doctor and he worked at the hospital near by. he knew one of the civilians that they had captured. he told me that they came down looking for nasrallah, then were completely surrounded by people from baalbak, got the wrong nasrallah of course, then were stuck, terrified and helplessly waiting for the rescue, eventually they captured those civilians just to have something to show for.
    again as i hear this, as he’s getting the events minute by minute from his dad, CNN is showing like you said, this heroic commandos operation and talking about these imaginary HA operatives in the hospital.

  2. i cant help agreeing that for the last two months we have been fed yet another a cnn sky news bbc conflict – i almost feel like i live in a movie set for global news content..



    ps.. similar stuff happened on the HA side as well.. make no mistake

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