Into the Rabbit Hole …

Any kind of moral and intellectual confusion about who and what is right or wrong can severely weaken the ability of free societies to persevere.”

So said SecDef Donald Rumsfeld yesterday. Read it again to appreciate the full scope of its insanity. Seriously, if these guys keep it up, they are going to make Orwell look both amateurish and naive …

Depressing? Kind of … But also an opportunity to be clear: Let all readers of this blog know that its authors stand for moral and intellectual confusion. It is, I think, all that we are, and the least we can do …


6 Replies to “Into the Rabbit Hole …”

  1. Actually, it’s not all that Orwellian to say that, as long as you accept that “free societies” is a code word for “our side”, rather than a juxtaposition of an adjective and a noun. Orwell dreamt up a complete overhaul of the use of language, but Rumsfeld is just re-defining one simple term. Then again, great oaks from small acorns grow….

  2. it goes along bush’s attempt to encourage the american public to go into political debates after he first defined for them what arguments are acceptable and which are anti-american.
    it’s not so orwellian when each side believes firmly in what they believe in.. for the american public though, it’s not coming near to be confusing because they’ve been left in the dark and they remain there.
    it’s the war of the intellectuals against the warmongers and as far as the intellectuals go, they stand firm on moral issues.
    i think the fact that they’re starting to go this low as far as defining to the public where should they stand on moral issues is a good sign. it shows that they’re running out of lies.

    never moral confusion D., it’s what defines a character. debates are healthy but we should stand firm on what we believe in and that’s the value of the human being first.

  3. Mirvat –
    you missed the point. “Free” is a word in the English language that means, among other things, that it is OK to disagree with other people about certainthings. What is humorous is that the empire-builders in teh Bush cabinet think that being “free” means agreeing with everything they say. Even if you do in fact agree with everything they say, it is OK to pause and chuckle at how they’ve changed teh meaning of the word “free”.

  4. comon A., you have to admit, his statement is quite deep 😉 I didn’t think don had it in him.

    of course, i don’t think he sees the subtle contradiction …

  5. Most fun was seeing him have dinner with his family at a Georgetown restaurant where I was having a drink. The same obnoxious confidence, the same nasaly voice, the same folksy tone, but this time the “dead-enders” were not Saddamists, but rather the paramours of his grand-daughters … Needless to say, I had to order a double … and then another …

  6. it’s good to see he applies his “moral clarity” to all … though i guess he’s not the grandfather children would like to have. hope the doubles doused his words, although i doubt that …

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