Tattoo You …

AngryArab has been having fun with exactly how the IDF determined that some number of dead in Lebanon were in fact members of Iran’s revolutionary guard:

“This just in. Israeli TV just announced that invading Israeli troops found bodies of Iranian fighters among dead Hizbullah’s fighters. But you, like me, may wonder how the Israelis knew that the bodies were for Iranians. Well, apparently the dead bodies were speaking Persian. Otherwise, the Israeli troops would not have known that they were Iranians.PS Israeli army brought Israeli Orientalists. They indeed verified that there were Iranian bodies among Hizbullah fighters. They said that the men had beards, and according to their knowledge of the Middle East, only Iranian men have beards. Oh, and Israeli military sources added that they also found documents identifying them with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Oh, yes. The Iranian government snuck them into South Lebanon, made sure to give them documents signed by Ayatullah Khamanei to identify them beyond a doubt, and also asked them to wear the Iranian flag shirts, just to make sure.”

Faithfully engaging and supporting the Israeli government’s propaganda war against Iran and despite mounting evidence to the contrary, the Israeli press picked up the story, saying intially that incriminating documents were found upon the “dead persians.”

But in a twist on the original story, Haaretz reports:

“IDF forces uncovered the bodies of a number of fighters who appear to belong to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. No identifying documents were discovered on the bodies but tattoos suggest they belong to the Iranian force.”

Persian tattoos … How cool … Reports from Iran suggest such body art is gaining in popularity among young Iranian women, but remains banned with respect to sports teams (?) …

So in sum, Persian tattoos are good for quelling Zionism, but bad for quelling that other immovable force in the Middle East: teenage ardor …


2 Replies to “Tattoo You …”

  1. what is an iranian force tattoo exactly? is it a well known fact that conservative muslems consider tattoos to be a desecration to the body which should return to its creator in its unchanged sacred form. shouldn’t the islamic “fanatics” as they describe them be conservative?

  2. Whomever the IDF has asked to make this stuff up does not think many of things through … That is why these ridiculous stories get picked up by the Israeli press and then go poof …

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