Did You Know …?

Cuba has a literatcy rate, adult mortality rate, and infact morality rate that match or better the United States, whose economy is nearly 400 times larger (GDP) than that of Cuba. US GDP/capita is roughly $40K, Cuba’s roughly $3K.

See here for some old statistics, and I would note that many doubt the the accuracy and/or reliability of the statistics from Cuba and that Cuba has a much lower participation rate in higher eduction.

Politics aside, that is amazing, especially considering the state of other Carribean countries, notably Haiti.


2 Replies to “Did You Know …?”

  1. funny you say this, i’m just watching oliver stone’s movie on Fidel Castro. Marketizing a product for American viewers that’s what it’s about. Onlywhen you see him in the past do you feel the touch of a leader. All you can see from Stone’s footage is an old grandpa playing with the image he has of himself.

    all in all, left alone, Cuba is still amazing in what it accomplished.

  2. As for Cuba, well I was just shocked at the numbers. I do not want to engage in a defense of Castro, but it is quite remarkable …

    PS: I think Fred Halliday has lost a few brain cells, the old boy ain’t what he used to be …

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