Intergalactic Imperialism: Could It Happen to Us … ?

And just like that, Pluto, the ninth rock from the sun, was a planet no more … Oh my, how dangerous “democracy” can be for “others” … I just hope that martian scientists aren’t assembling as I type these words to discuss the merits of our little speck of dust …

I adore this photo, especially the frumpy little man on the right, passing judgment on the cosmos in an ill-fitting, dime store suit … Did I mention the tie with little planets on it … ? C’est sublime … L’image, pas de cravatte …

Cursed photogs and their infinite powers! I could type 1 million words about the seen and unseen and not begin to capture but a fraction of all that is gained in this single shutter …

Photo: Michael Gizek, AFP, see this article.


3 Replies to “Intergalactic Imperialism: Could It Happen to Us … ?”

  1. i thought they were going to lower the standard for being a ‘planet’ and include pluto and that other one..oh well..

    i wish they would worry more about this planet. i always thought it’s fascinating that more money goes into studying outer space than the environment on earth. and more funding goes to studying flagella than to feed starved people in africa.
    more money for cancer than AIDS because AIDS is the disease of the poor…

    ahhhhh.. this world is so absurd.

  2. I could literally write 1 million words in an effort to capture the absurdity of this photo and what it represents …

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