Does anyone realize that from Palestine to Lebanon, it is Saudi Arabia that is allegedly playing the role of mediators so that these political agents don’t smash each other up? I mean where have we come to? It is ironic to see that the one flying from one country to the other who represent the ‘pan-Arab’ position is not achieving anything (i.e. Amr Moussa), when every now and then, we have Palestinian and Lebanese officials pressing themselves to the Saudi royal gates. Whoever pays for Amr Moussa’s useless travel expenses should basically stop and let the private Saudi jets do the work of courting Hamas, Hizbullah, and the pro-American Palestinian and Lebanese governments free of charge.


One Reply to “Misery”

  1. Pan-arabism…

    a concept unknown to the arab world until the christians set up american university in the early 1800’s

    There is no historic reason for even ONE arab nation to exists that the french or british did not create.

    There was never an arab country of “palestine”

    The original Egyptians are coptics, not arabs

    Iraq is a false construct, created (with jordan) as a consolation prize because the Saud family screwed out the Hussein Family out of Arabia..

    and so on and so on…

    So let the so called “leaders” of the arab world fly around in jets all the while the 300,000,000 arabs live in dogshit…

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