Best ad of the year

This is taken from Hizbullah’s campaign “a victory from God” marking the anniversary of last year’s humiliating Israeli defeat, of which many highly creative billboards have been made. Check out the improvement in artistry, and the power of ideas. It shows Israeli soldiers disturbingly crying with this written in the middle: Lebanon, you fools (literal translation), or “What did you expect you morons? A walk in the park?” (Bech’s translation). Oh and by the way, this billboard was in a Christian area (near Batrun, care of Tayyar). Most of those billboards though were vandalized especially near Nahr el Kalb (where the Kataeb sign hangs above the tunnel).

And this is me parading in front of the billboard… Youhou!


15 Replies to “Best ad of the year”

  1. “And this is me parading in front of the billboard…”

    Really?! I thought you were the dude with the paper cup in the upper right-hand corner of your blog…
    (just kidding…)

  2. by the way, you are being dangerously biased and elitist when you say “the improvement in artistry”.
    O those poor hazbollahi people, they’re getting better, they’re getting closer to what i am, me the superior guy who looks at them from above, with compassion :p
    hahahahaha :ppppppp

    from now on, alhaqid is to you “bil mirsad”, WATCH OUT!

  3. al haqid you think i will fall for your accusations?

    first of all, there is an ‘improvement’ because some of their early ads or banners were really not that nice to look at. And this logically the result of more people working for them, a more institutional framework, en deux mots, the capitalization of their activities.

    Fa 7ej tetfalsaf 3a rabbeh.

    by the way, I would not be bothered to write all this stuff if I wasn’t already part of specific elite. And you would not be reading either if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re part of the same elite!

    man ana ebneh esmo ra3d III fa ntebeh

  4. alhaqiq,

    you’re essentialising the practice of the beard.

    A beard can be read in a twofold manner these days:
    (1) As a practice performed by a devout Muslims, hence rendering it a symbol of a pious Islamic lifestyle
    (2) The beard as an aesthetic, a way of being ‘sexy’, ‘macho’ and and ‘cool’.

    ((3) there is a third connotation to the beard, but which seems to have dissolved over the past decades, i.e. the ‘marxist’ beard).

    My guess is that bech’s beard represents the second modus.


  5. And alhaqid forgives you my child.
    Just send me a photo of you, along with your phone number and a copy of your C.V. describing with details your hobbies and we’ll see how we could work on this nasty “essentializing of the practice” thing (here i’m being sexy, macho and cool, but i am also a marxist 🙂 )

  6. Out of the woodwork they come, in through the cracks. So many gusts from so many directions… Enough to break his stride, hold him upright, keep him from moving forward, back, or south-east towards the one who waits, the one who waited…

    And he stands like an oak, unmoved and in his mind unmoving, oblivious to the air he breathes, the water that blankets his exposed roots with moss, the regenerative fire that looms over the horizon, eyes open only to the wind, waiting…

  7. Yay! There’s something victorious in that smile. You survived the summer… and Nadia, i don’t agree about the Nr. 2 beard, although I like your breakdown. I think Bech’s more of a Nr. 3. He doesn’t strike me as vain enough for a Nr. 2. Come to think of it, I kind of hate Nr. 2 bearded types.

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