Lebanese diaries

Today, while I was at the bank retrieving some money, a Sinhalese (most probably cashing in money for her employer who’s too lazy to come and retrieve the money him/her self) was asked by the cashier if she knew how to sign. The Sinhalese nodded gently and signed.
Beyond all racist consideration this entails will this guy ever know how beautiful and complex is the Sinhalese written language? Will he know how far back in history dates these fascinating forms of expression? No. That the price you have to pay when you’re self-centered. The price of ignorance.


2 Replies to “Lebanese diaries”

  1. “my universe is the only conceivable universe.”

    this is where most problems arise, and sadly, one in which most never contemplate in such terms.

  2. I used to have a friend at whose house there was a philippino houseworker.
    The guy didn’t actually know she was in Leb to make enough money to go back home and pay for her college studies in administration. She used to vacuum holding her book.
    After a couple of months, she answered the phone and gave me an advice : “stay away from these people” and I actually followed her advice after he had told me why. Anyways, they eventually retained her for like a year more than she wanted because they wouldn’t pay her. Talk of tantét achrafieh, and she is the first person that comes to my mind. An educated house worker in an arrogant snobish ignorant people.

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