I will bomb (the shit out of) you to peace

Lebanese army ad found on billboards and wall posters everywhere in the country.


9 Replies to “I will bomb (the shit out of) you to peace”

  1. that’s some really contradictory imagery – the canon is even bigger than the dove. I can only imagine white feathers everywhere.

  2. It would be great a translation for non-arabic readers (Spanish in this case). 😉
    The picture is so contradictory (stupid, in fact) that i would like to know what’s saying the slogan. I just get the words “greetings”,”sun” and “eid”. It is an aid ad? If so, it would be even more insulting. I can imagine what Palestinian people at (ex)Nahr al-Barid could be thinking…

    Thanks. Great blog!

  3. translation: “tomorrow the sun of celebration (eid) will shine”.

    Eid means any event you celebrate like your anniversary, a religious day like Christmas, etc.

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