Israeli waste in Aynata

This is just a couple of pictures from many I got when I was in Aynata (village in the south of Lebanon right next to the Israeli border). These bottles you see are filled with the urine of Israeli soldiers who chose this house to hide during the July-august war.

Besides the tremendous amount of trash they left behind, and the total (and useless) destruction of furniture in the house, other pictures show these bottles everywhere on shelves, tables, on the floor, and their defecations in corners.

See, they actually chose to block the toilet seat (look attentively at the toilet seat, I had to minimize the size of the pic) so that no one of them would have the smart idea of using it to release their waste…

These Israelis are more intelligent than I thought. They make sure you get the idea that it is them pissing and shitting all over the place. Their way of dealing with their own filth is way ahead of any contemporary civilization. Hereby, I salute these brave and refined soldiers.


2 Replies to “Israeli waste in Aynata”

  1. Well, am not surprised at the acts of soldiers after I heard tales of uncivilised behaviour of Israeli tourists in Greek Islands ….

  2. Why are you surprised? since when do cows use restrooms, but your right cows waste on the floor but not inside their stay…

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