Meanwhile in Turkey

I see that they have some of that in Turkey too. Good, Lebanon is no exception. ‘Western’ journalists just love it: pick up on the female bourgeoisie of an ‘Eastern’ country as a sign of ‘modernism’, when all there is to it is profound decadence. I will write more on the Turkish question and the misperception of the western media.

8 Replies to “Meanwhile in Turkey”

  1. Bech ya Bech,

    Turkey is not like Lebanon. Western journalists have yet to flatter the complexion of Turkish demonstrators. 🙂

  2. I just said that they have some similarity in terms of what was showing in the picture.

    But that’s besides my point. This post is just a preview of another post that will be coming up.

  3. Silly, yes
    Hawt, yes
    Totally missing the point and blinding the West, yes, yes and yes
    but what’s ‘decadent’ about it?

    (BTW, i resent how blogger forces me to use my gmail account to log in)

  4. Yes good point why the use of the term ‘decadence’. Here this term should be used in its Nietzschean sense (as Nietzsche used it in his writing) as the perverse effect of regressive ‘values’.

    In this case, it is the bourgeois, elitist culture or state that is highlighted, in its misrepresentation of social reality. Nietzsche was one of the first who could reverse held values and show what predispositions they hide. Kind of we seek truth because we’re constantly facing illusion. Instead of accepting appearance with all its illusive attributes we project the idea that there is something called ‘the truth’ lodged in a perceived reality. So we invent the idea of truth.

    Here, the apparent debate is about Secularism VS Islamism, which is in itself empty of any signification unless one understands it as interests/dispositions to be preserved VS popular voicing of contention.

    I hope I made myself clear without being pedantic.. 🙂 May the gods forbid.

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