Viva Erdogan

Read here the pathetic attitude of Israelis, and European officials, after Turkish PM Erdogan summed up Israeli realities to Shimon Peres at Davos:

According to one report, senior European officials said, “Erdogan wants to be part of the European Union, but now he can forget about it.”

But just for the history books, let’s remember together what Erdogan said to Peres: “Your voice is too high… it betrays a tormented criminal conscience”. This is what can be called “cutting the grass under your feet”. If you can take a masterclass in rhetoric with this guy I’d say don’t even think about it twice.

Nota bene: Amr Moussa! Ya Amr Moussa! Why didn’t you get up with Erdogan and follow him out of this room? Where are the Arabs! Ya allah!

And a quick Update: The Israelis show more wrath.


7 Replies to “Viva Erdogan”

  1. Hi Bech,

    Just a question – While I do not doubt the sincerity of his denunciations, given ordinary Turks’ immense suport for the Palestinians, do you think that part of Erdogan’s reason for doing this is to try and subvert (once and for all) the powerful Ultra-Nationalist army by calling on popular support? Also, perhaps the massive demonstrations in Turkey and their corresponding political support within the Turkish government are a sign that Turks are sending a signal (especially to the EU) that they are re-asserting their links to the Middle East, links which Ataturk and his followers tried to smother for far too long.

  2. Yes I think you are totally right. Turks are repositioning themselves into a Middle East centered regional political role understanding that blind adhesion to the EU is not going to resolve all their problems. They want to be power brokers here just like Iran. In Europe there is only submission to a specific status-quo imposed on them. Here, they can create new status-quos, remake the Middle East.

    A Probably more exciting game for the “Islamists”.

  3. While I do not doubt the political motivation of the Turks, what we are witnessing here is a powerful resolution of the inner identity struggle for the Turks.

    The Kemalists did throw the baby with the bathwater; the Turks have been trying to get the baby back for the past several decades.
    Erdogan is a product of the Nur movement, whose founder Badiuzzaman Said Nursi nourishing no political aspirations for himself, did insist on the continuous Muslim identity of the Turks in parallel with the Arabs. Most interestingly, he predicted in the last 1950’s that Islam was going to be alive and at the helm of the Turkish government in : “50 years”. ( see: Biography).
    If you read Nursi, you realize that he was never a dreamer, he definitely knew his people.

    Why does everyone speak now of Islamists when the talk is of Islam? What is wrong with the word Muslim?

  4. Alia, I use the term Islamists to differentiate between a multitude of traditions that find a space and time under the banner of “Islam”, and the political movements emerging in the twentieth century mostly that allied a reinterpretation of tradition, history, memory of what it means to be Muslim, along with a political reformist strategies.

    There are infinitely different ‘types of’ Muslim and also infinitely different ‘types of’ Islamists. Neither “Islamists” nor “Muslim” and even less “Islam” means anything as such.

  5. Yes, I’m sure Turkey is sick and tired of chasing after a position in the EU with, in your words, an imposed status-quo. I think there have also been some noises about Israel becoming the EU’s gateway into the ME, rather than Turkey (Perhaps that is why Sarkozy the hyperactive rodent was shuttling around the ME last month during the bombardment) so perhaps Turkey is now saying “we will f**k you up if you try and circumvent us”

    On another note, I can tell you resistance to Turkey’s entry into the EU in some European quarters has been around for years before Erdogan and the “islamists” arrived on the scene – I still remember in 1997 in my high school in London, UK, where my private school got some right-wing Conservative party member to give us a talk on something or other, and I remember him basically saying how it would be a cold day in hell before Turkey would become part of the EU – nomatter how much the Kemalist try and create some bizarre form of new Turkish identity, it seems they wil never be accepted by some

  6. Indeed he is shrewd.

    Erdogan is not the only one ruling Turkey. The deal was signed in 2005.

    His shrewdness is in the fact that he pulls not just the Israeli string but the old guard military Kemali one.

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