Ukrainian Revolution’s orange is sadly yellowy..

Is this the same guy who was elected by “popular forces”?

Following failed talks with parliamentary leaders, President Yushchenko on April 2 declared the parliament dissolved and announced snap elections to be held on May 27.

I like these “democratic” moves the ‘west’ loves so much… where are the journalists that covered the “orange revolution”? Go now and cover the constitutional crisis!

Ukraine, Turkey, Lebanon, etc. all fall in the stupid media ideological trap. My post on Turkey is upcoming. But first, when is Tayyar losing its orange color?

3 Replies to “Ukrainian Revolution’s orange is sadly yellowy..”

  1. tayyar chose the orange color way before the ukrainian revolution and we like it… orange cloths can resist stains, dirt, and the color doesn’t become pale since orange is the pale of red and yellow…

    so it remains orange…

  2. sorry jhony did not know.

    But the cult of colors is still something I would not advise under any circumstance. And yes if Orange is pale it becomes Yellowy, thus, the title.

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