Rare are the times when I find someone to cut my hair as I would like it. Rarer (if not exceptional) are the times when I watch the broadcasting of an explosion while I’m diligently explaining to the ‘barber’ not to go too short on my neck. The place was quickly invaded by a bunch of people from outside, as he was the only one who had TV. When the reporter said that it may be Antoine Ghanem (Parliamentary member, Kataeb, March 14) who was the target, everybody went: “who?”. Yeah who is this guy? Another anonymous elevated to “martyrdom”. At the time of writing this post, the media did not yet confirm the identity of the victim. 6 other people died and many injured. When I reached home, my mom had just arrived and told me that she was in the same street (a bit higher) when the explosion went. The explosion was not that loud she said. She looked a bit in a little shock. She was going to pray for St Rita. She said that St Rita saved her from being 1 minute earlier on the scene. St Rita and the killers all conspire to increase the burden we shoulder, the burden to re-write history. I have to put the AC on because the heat is unbearable. Funny, it has been a while since the last time I noticed how beautiful the sunset can be here towards the sea.


9 Replies to “Who?”

  1. u r a small petty pseudo-intellectual, who is an apologist for criminals and murderers…this “nobody” died for his country- for all what its worh, with all its faults. But, maybe you are a kind of person who would thrive better in a theocracy like iran or a military facist regime like syria…asshole

  2. small petty pseudo-intellectual

    I know…

    who is an apologist for criminals and murderers

    Where did you read that? I’m against killing, you should re-read what I wrote.

    this “nobody” died for his country- for all what its worh, with all its faults

    The poor man may have no faults that I know of, although I don’t see how he died ‘for’ the ‘country’ (you have to explain this to me).

    kind of person who would thrive better in a theocracy like iran or a military facist regime like syria

    I’d like to be, tutututu under the sea in an octopus’s garden…in the shade tutututu

  3. bech,that was a rather insensitive comment. Wether you care about him or not the man did get assasinated yesterday, to call him a nobody is demeaning, however little he meant to you personally.

  4. You are right. I just changed nobody to anonymous if that can help. I’m not trying to insult the guy. I’m horribly sorry for what happened to him and to others. I’m sorry also for all the anonymous people that die everyday who do not become labeled as ‘martyrs for this or that political cause.

  5. 1) Being an assassinated Lebanese politician (of whatever caliber) is like appearing on “American idol” or some other freak reality show that I’ve never watched and only read about. Internationally, you are famous for a day. On Google news, your name –previously unknown to even your own countrymen, who make up 0.00003% of the world’s population– ranks up their with Britney Spears, OJ Simpson and Benjamin Netanyahoo; all of them bad guys (Britney because she got fat, OJ because he killed a white woman, and Netanyahoo because he’s a fucking asshole). Except for you, the lone “anti-Syrian” lawmaker (laugh out loud at lawmaker– this is Lebanon for pete’s sake).

    The aftermath of every Lebanese assassination is like experiencing 9/11 all over again. That’s when the creeps come out of the woodworks, foaming at the mouth and shouting from the rooftops that so-and-so “died for his country” and denouncing everybody who violates the sanctity of this unparalleled tragedy.

    “For all his faults”?! I get so very sick of having to read the comments of people who spew knee-jerk venom without apparently understanding a thing that was written here. Nobody criticized the man who tragically died yesterday. The author of this blog just pointed out that nobody in the barbershop had the faintest clue who the targeted politician was, which implies that these assassinations have reached a new level of cruelty and absurdity, that whoever is knocking these guys off is doing so either for effect, or to garner a reaction from some party or outside power, or indeed– as M14 would have it — are trying to eliminate the pro-western parliamentarians in time for the presidential election.

    And how did he die for his country? Does that imply that you think his death is going to reap some unlikely reward, somewhere down the line– i.e. freedom, independence, sovereignty, prosperity, blablablabla?

    “Died for his country”: Is that it? Is that the inherent tragedy? I would rather say that 5 people were senselessly, brutally slain yesterday– one of whom happened to be Antoine Ghanem, may they all rest in peace. Haraam.

    It is inherently ironic that only in death to certain people gain any sort of recognition. Now please do tell what we’re all dying to know — how did Antoine Ghanem die for his country? And can one unwittingly die for one’s country? If I am dying to know how Antoine Ghanem died for his country, does that make me a living martyr?

  6. Apologies– I know see that you meant “for all its faults”, i.e. Lebanon’s. I stand by my previous comment, nonetheless, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part.

  7. Can we cut the shit please?

    1) I agree with EDBTZ completely they said enough.

    2) Mr. “anonymous” if you want to criticize people at least have the balls to have a pseudo-name if not your name and address. You are a weeping willow of Lebanon read my next remark carefully after you wipe the fake tears from your eyes.

    3) Every one of these idiots who has been killed or maimed is or has been or still is, in one way or another, affiliated with a political group that ravaged Lebanon during the civil war and raped its economy afterwards.
    This will not stop until we acknowledge that ALL the parties and their members are at fault for even acknowledging the way this government is setup and divided on sectarian lines. Any “petty pseudo-intellectual” can realize that the only way out is to end this disgraceful Taif accord and instate a new and efficient system like any other functioning non-confessionalist state on this earth. Did I hear Mr. Ghanem call for that? I think not. So let him die one less supporter of the status quo is not a bad thing in my mind.

  8. Hey SLH,
    I just read all the comments, I’m not anonymous but I would like to comment on your response :
    first, if you’re criticizing people for not posting their names, please find yourself some balls to post your own name, you small prick.

    Second, that explosion happened next to my home. So if you think it’s a good think that people die, just because they don’t agree with you, I sure hope one thing : I HOPE THE NEXT ONE TAKES YOU AND YOUR WHOLE GOD DAMN FAMILY. Bitch.


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