The previous post has been deleted because I was assuming something in order to say that a journalist was a moron, but it turns out that there was chance that this guy was doing sarcasm. Although the whole article plays on this sarcastic note, I became convinced that it was sarcasm, so without further deliberation I have decided to erase it.

But as I said to Apokraphyte, I kill you all for breakfast.



3 Replies to “Correction”

  1. I read the passage, and I had the same impression, namely that Fis* – oops, I mean the journalist’s – intention was mainly sarcastic. But your mistake is completely forgivable considering the very suspect standpoints this ‘journalist’ has adopted as of late on certain Middle-Eastern issues…

  2. m. .. i could tell you what he wrote……. but i won’t. Your eloquence and your wise words, as usual fill mewith joy.

    and concerning said journalist, he has become slightly more critical as of late. I still remain suspicious of his motives and funding 🙂

    Having shared my bits of wisdom (unsolicitedly) i wish a good night

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