The colorful expressions of information

The best way to loose it in the morning is to check the lead of different Lebanese newspapers.

Al-Akhbar had: March 14: “kind” rejection to the Berri initiative [to start dialogue]
L’Orient le Jour: March 14 urges dialogue without conditions
Daily Star: March 14 has yet to answer berri’s proposal

Hehehe Daily Star and its eternal typo problems… you guys should get a blog then you would not worry about anything.

But this is just priceless:

Government sources told The Daily Star that contrary to expectations, the major leaders in the March 14 camp will not be meeting and issuing a statement prior to Berri’s appearance on the “Kalam al-Naas” talk show on Thursday.

Kalam al-Naas is this horrible talk show on LBC with the most obnoxious pro-march14 dude Marcel Ghanem who’s on Hariri’s payroll, interviewing people and asking them the most stupid and blatantly biased questions. The problem is that it works for the average Lebanese and has gained so much notoriety that it became a platform for voicing political official line of this or that part. I mean this is crazy, the Government is waiting for what Berri will say on Kalam al-Naas! Can’t one call the guy? Wake up people! Total wackos are ruling us!

I guess I’ll have to watch Kalam al-Naas tonight… Anyway, this is how things go where I currently happen to live…


5 Replies to “The colorful expressions of information”

  1. Oh, poor Bech, writing that introduction desn’t seem to be too good for you. As Vino put it, in situation as you just described them there is only one thing to do:

    NOD and SMILE 🙂

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