Mounting Sunnis against Shias (update)

Well just open newspapers daily and you’ll always find articles that indirectly contribute to the growing resentment between both sects. For example, check this article in the “Australian” (from a journalist in Jerusalem) that points to Iran (via Hezbollah) as the number one contributor to palestinian violence, when even Fath has back off. Also, this article in Asharq Al Awsat leaks supposedly American intelligence (retrieved from a right-wing newspaper in Spain), describing clashes between Bin Laden and Zarqawi over Iraqi Shiites. Basically, Zarqawi did not want to cooperate with the Shiites (whereas Bin Laden supposedly did) and so he became the head of “Al Qaeda”.

So the propaganda argument goes something like this:
If you’re a Sunni then, look! the Shias are the source of violence [Palestian example to get at Iran]. If you’re a Shia then, look! The Sunnis refused to cooperate with you [Iraqi example to dismember Sunni/Shia national coalitions].

All this is so politically loaded that one should really educate journalists to behave. Or Intelligence to turn their tongue in their mouth seven times before uttering such non sense. I know.. they did it on purpose.

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