Calling for Graduate Testimonials

The Rambler is deciding between the following courses, as detailed in The Middle-East Diplomatic Gymnastics Academy calendar, and would like some graduate testimonials.

Graduate Certificate in Gumshoe Social Linguistics
This is a special interest course. If you’re an Arab outside the Middle-East, you will be able to effectively butter your dinner roll in silence when others criticise Israeli or pro-Israeli policies or wars. You will also confidently contribute to the lambasting when conversation turns to the Arab world. Graduates have enjoyed employment as objective media Sources and Experts.

Master of Machiavellian Boobism
If you’re an Arab in the Middle-East, or are interested in a career in the Middle-East, and have proven multi-tasking skills, you will learn to publicly advance the betterment of your region with muscles sufficiently flexed whilst donning sheep’s clothing to kill like the fratricidal wolf you always knew you could be. Graduates are currently attracting lucrative salaries and sporadic renewals of enthusiasm from the Empire.


6 Replies to “Calling for Graduate Testimonials”

  1. apokraphyte, I am feeling a little more yellow than usual today, like a little suspect mole on the 2 white beacons. Also, I’d promised to be less auscentric some time ago. Have to admit, I am building up a pair of mean biceps exercising self-restraint! Left you a comment about it under your VIEW FROM THE NORTH post. Of course, I could post about the “Cronulla Monopoly” aka “Lebbo Monopoly” that’s currently all the rage in this multicultural utopia of ours.

  2. callipyge, better save the books for when Americans have exhausted all other sources of fuel (see Savonaroll’s v.disturbing post above).

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