Americans are about to become 300 millions according to this Libération article. It is published in their “earth” section that mostly deals with ecological issues, and for them this is total bad news for the rest of the planet. Referring mostly to studies by the CEP (center for environment and population) these are the facts it puts forth:

– Americans consume more than 25% of the planet’s resources while they only represent 5% of the general population.
– They are responsible for the emition of 25% of the CO2 and greenhouse gases that go into the atmosphere.
– One third of the CO2 emission comes from cars that went from 98 million to 237 million vehicles in 4 years (the population was 200 millions then).
– Size of houses has increased by 65 square meters although the number of inhabitants per house has decreased, leading to a huge amount of waste in construction material as well as heating and cooling processes for these bigger spaces.
– An american uses 3 times more water than other inhabitants of the planet.
– Already 40 to 50% of rivers and estuaries are forbidden due to pollution.
– Everyday an american throws 2.3 kilos of garbage, about 5 times more than a third world country cictizen.
– An american eats 136 kilos of meat a year compared to 72 for a european.


6 Replies to “"Anti-Americanism"”

  1. One word, dudes and dudettes: china … in fifty years, if the planet is still around, the chinese will make the americans look positively green, which may i think be a more common skin color across the planet …

  2. America is adding forests which sequester CO2.

    The Chinese are turning China into a desert.

    You know I suppose America is a really bad country. It is why we are putting up fences to keep people out.

    America is a big country and it takes more fuel for transportation than other countries of similar populations.

    The more capitalist the country, the richer the country. Hong Kong is a prime example.

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