Hamas, Israelis, and some silencers

According to Israeli TV (and reported by Annahar) some Hamas officials met with Israelis last month and tried to convince them to recognize the party as a possible negotiating Palestinian stating that Fatah has no power. The Israeli present were people from the Oslo accord.

Great so on the one hand we have Annahar getting its “scoops” from Israeli TV and on the other we have Al-Akhbar getting its stories from “security” or “informed sources”. Kel wa7ad min mayleto.

For example today Al-Akhbar ran a front page article on Silencers (gor guns) caught by security customs at the airport in Lebanon destined to go to the American embassy. Well, that’s re-assuring. Also, why is it that it’s only Al Akhbar who snatch stories on Israeli agents/spies caught in Lebanon? Are they the only dudes who have “security sources”? Or is it that others just don’t care.

Anyway more on the silencers tomorrow because as I know Al-Akhbar, they will continue unfolding details.


2 Replies to “Hamas, Israelis, and some silencers”

  1. I’ll put it this way..
    you have joseph smei7a and ibrahim el-amine.
    El-Amine has been known always for his security resources.He doesn’t deny that neither now nor before. Smei7a sticks to the valid facts on ground and gives a future analysis.
    Now both trends have been known for a long time especially when it comes to lebanese journalism (lots of resourses and “passing” news for some testings). Some attacks Amin saying that he is the “child of security sources” but for me it is just a journalism school. After all from where does the journalist get hs information? From Mom teresa?
    anway, either we agree or we disagree, the benefit from all that is the unfolding of some important information, which might be valid or not after a certain time.. (Depending on the informaion itself).

  2. you’re definitely right Hilal. But isn’t Sarkis Na3oum, journalist at Annahar also known for his security sources? How come nothing comes out of him for instance?
    Is it that security sources are picky with their media outlet leaker or is it the journalist who chooses one information and not another.

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