Lebanese army dismantled Israeli water drainage Pipes

But yiii? How come? Israel has no interest in Lebanon except in helping (the moderate Lebanese) get rid of the extremist “down there”!

Rym Ghazal reporting in the Daily Star shows (in english) the contradictions in the above theory:

The Lebanese Army on Wednesday dismantled drainage pipes installed by the Israeli Army near Kfar Kila to divert rainwater into Lebanon, as UNIFIL said that Israel had not violated Lebanese territory in the process. Troops from the Lebanese Army, in the presence of French and Spanish peacekeepers, removed the pipes and filled in ditches dug on Tuesday by Israeli troops after crossing the UN Blue Line in Adaisseh, near the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The Lebanese Army Command released a statement on Wednesday outlining the operation. “A tall sand wall was built as a shield in response to the [Israeli] violation in order to prevent the diversion of rainwater into Lebanon and causing damages to the properties of Leb-anese citizens,” it said.

Al Akhbar already had an article on water diversion (in arabic) a couple of weeks ago. So just to refresh the memory of those who live in denial, or to those who never came to this blog: Israel will rip off the hell out of Lebanon whenever the opportunity arises. It makes one wonder how vicious the Israeli are that they could build pipelines amidst the unfolding events of the war, and taken into consideration that they were losing big time. As if they were saying: “At least, let’s try to get out with something!”


12 Replies to “Lebanese army dismantled Israeli water drainage Pipes”

  1. almost as callous & cynical as firing a million+ cluster bombs on their way out. this kind of echoes savonaroll’s last post (Age of Empires – look down. no, not at your feet…), a mini-empire in decline engaging in senseless and (in the long term) self-destructive acts. Or you could look at it this way: in the face of Israeli public discontent about the disaster up north, any small “victory”, even in the media-shunned water war, is a victory nonetheless. Don’t be so mean – give them a little credit for effort at least. Who cares if it’s in breach of an international law or 3…

  2. i am very skeptical of things like the “diversion of rain water …” … all ditches, and puddles on the sidewalk, constitute such diversions … i am not saying that Israel does not have a strategic interest in Lebanon’s water (think Shebaa) but this article seems like a piece of lebanese army propaganda (‘see, we are resisting, too!’) … more evidence is needed and no, I dont mean quotes from Ben Gurion about the Litani …

  3. Then apokraphyte and savonaroll should check the article in Arabic (that appeared in Al-Akhbar some time ago. I’ll translate the main ideas in a future comment for apokraphyte…

  4. We are not negating the reality of water diversion issues but only in putting a shadow of doubt on Lebanese Army statements.

  5. callipyge,

    you will be banned from this site if you continue to post pictures so hilarious that I find myself laughing uncontrollably at inopportunes times and places … 😉


    somebody is defensive about his water … 😉

  6. you have to respect the lebanese army shou!

    by the way, i just notice that apart from the bloggers of this site, we officially have callipyge as an occasional commentator (which we salute reverently) and… crazy simon!

    I think we have to work on our marketing strategy…

  7. apokraphyte: from what I understand, you do not think my new haircut is sexy

    bech: the pleasure is all mine!

    and.. who’d be your target (ref. mktg)?

  8. wallaw ya bech …

    a., are you still looking for info on tannenbaum? you might have already done so, but if not, you should search in the archives of jpost, etc. a quick search brought up a couple of interesting articles – which might not be exactly what you are looking for – but which do bring up some questions.

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