Lebanese media sensitivity to communist rallies

Did you know that today, L’Orient Le Jour did not mention that there was a Communist party rally that took place yesterday in Lebanon. By contrast, Al-Akhbar had four or more articles on the subject. Oh, and Annahar had one towards the bottom of it’s local politics pages.

In any case, I mean let’s admit it in Lebanon, secularism does not sell.

TVs according to Al-Akhbar there were no mentioning of the communist party rally, except for…yes you guessed it folks: Al Manar, Hizballah’s official broadcaster! Yes my friends not even New TV the carpet kisser.
Make your own conclusions.


4 Replies to “Lebanese media sensitivity to communist rallies”

  1. I have stopped waching tv (and thus local tv channels as well)since like 1 year due to my presence outside Lebanon..
    bas it’s weird from newtv. shool ossa? They can reach unesco in 5 minutes.. do you buy maryam elbassam’s talk about live coverage??

  2. I don’t know about elbassam live coverage, but in any case, not covering the communist rallies is practically an “informational” crime if such a thing exist.

  3. For what it’s worth, LCP is as close to communism as mass-murderer Geagea is to Christianity…

    But hey, whatever rocks people’s boats. (though I do agree that there was an absolute and – probably – deliberate failure of reporting of the event).

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