Bush ‘death’ applauded

Before you dance around in your pyjamas with glee & guilt (because enlightened people don’t condone killing), the headline describes how the new film Death of a President was received, a whodunit documentary which takes as its central premise the fictitious assassination of the (unfortunately) real George W Bush.

Speaking of George, it seems fences and fallibility are flavours of the month.

US midterm elections are looming, which leads me to wonder: 1. why do I know more about the US electoral system than my own; & 2. how come I don’t get to vote for the “leader of the free world” (our real leader by proxy)? But the backwater can wait, because I’ve come to terms with the fact that none of you really care about this banana republic (well, we would be a republic but for the fact that the monarchists, Queen love’em, kicked our un-royal a*ses at the 1999 referendum).

So, the point was, Washington’s ventriloquists have added fallibility to George’s repertoire. Well, sort of.

And the super-sized great American dream is materialising with the coming of the Mexico (white picket?) border fence. A fence whose beauty will be rivalled only by that of the Israeli fence.

OK, let’s call a spade a spade, and a wall a wall. This wall-building frenzy is unnerving. At this rate, RIP our lefty “artificial borders” argument.


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