Age of Empires

It makes me burst in inner laughter when I see how afraid the western world is when facing the North Korean nuclear uprising. Of course I don’t consider it to be good thing overall, but how is France for example threatened by these weapons? Do you imagine North Korea attacking France? Walking in Paris these days I am amazed at how many pictures of Kim Jong Il you see around you with frightening slogans such as: “what happens when a madman…”, “The North Korean threat…”, etc… what else if they don’t attack France? Will they attack poorer neighboring countries? South Korea? Maybe. But then South Korea has great protectors being a part of the great “free democratic world” and North Korea would be whiped out in no time if they do such a thing. In a way I feel these nuclear weapons are a threat to no one really. Just a bogus ghost to keep shaking the omnipotent “security” discourse.
Are the french equally afraid of the US? No. Why? Because they only attack “bad” countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria or North Korea itself.
Asian Times have this excellent aricle by Michael T. Klare about the possibility of an american strike on Iran:

The impulse to strike back must be formidable. Soon, I fear, it will prove irresistible.

One other interesting point is that for him the threat doesn’t only come from america but also from what he calls “the declining British and French empires” who

will engage in senseless, self-destructive acts.

He also suggest america might be declining soon, something with which I do not totally agree, but in general he makes a pretty interesting analysis.


One Reply to “Age of Empires”

  1. I think the country to watch in all of this is Japan … China and S. Korea will play it cool and keep the Americans from doing anything ridiculous, but if the Japanese lose their head, then the US will be faced with a decision: attack or fold up their nuclear umbrella and allow a nuclear arms race in east asia … we will see …

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