How can the Lebanese PM receive Rice?

While the US just sent a new shipment of arms to Israel that will go directly to kill more people in Lebanon? I totally agree with this article.
What amazes me a lot is that for some Lebanese this guy is a hero. Nobody has anything bad to say about him. I find many people criticizing the government and even siding with Hezbollah, but no one has put a decent criticism of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. Because for them he speaks the voice of reason. It seems that the voice of reason is the voice of complete subjection to American goodwill for many Lebanese. I would stress the fact that this process is internalized in their psyche. I mean a lot of people are shocked by what’s going on and put the blame on the US and Israel. But if Rice comes and is kissed by Siniora, that’s ok because it is Rice after all, you can’t refuse a visit from her! it’s the US afterall!
This whole “let’s subject ourselves to the power of others, let’s get money from donors outside thereby solving our economic problem without reform anything from within” mentality, this whole business mercantilist mentality of being constantly suffering a debt and the conditions posed by others while mending bits and pieces in a piece meal way is simply intolerable. And too destructive in this confessional each-lord-has-a-outside-ally setting.
Likewise the same reasoning applies when Hezbollah fights Israel. the mainstream thought is that Hezbollah should never provoke Israel because Israel rules. Well now the rules of the game are perhaps definitely reversed.


2 Replies to “How can the Lebanese PM receive Rice?”

  1. Bech,

    I have the same visceral reaction as you, but really you are asking too much… Often I find myself thinking ‘kick Feltman out, kick Feltman out now…’ But I think this is both unrealistic and counterproductive … Unrealistic because the government’s slim majority in Parliament is owed to US support and so I dont think it is in the nature of the creature to destory the creator. I also think it is counterproductive, because you have to deal with United States, or at least sit at the table with them… One may refuse their requests and demands, but it is folly to not hear them out.

    Obviously this would depend greatly on careful callibration but having Siniora sit with the Americans may benefit Hizbullah as then the Americans will put some miniscule pressure on the Israelis to not destroy all of Lebanon. Presumably, the GOL does not harbor fantasies of disarming Hizbullah so it works out to the advantage of the resistance for their to be at least the appearance of diplomacy (again as long as they don’t begin to get ideas about what a kiss from Rice means and can do) … Take Walid Bey, two days ago, railing against Hizbullah, yesterday, singing its praises … All parties need to be flexible and keep doors open … Even if the resistance wins, it will need a Lebanese mediator to come some understanding with the Israelis and Americans about the future … So let them play the quisling idiots who break bread with the Americans … the crumbs they get will not pose a threat to a Hizbullah victory …

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