United Nation’s complicity with Israel

According to an anonymous source – again you will have to trust me on that, and it may well be out on the open soon – the United Nations offices in Maroun el Ras, the border-line village that the Israeli army is desperately trying to occupy and still did not (contrary to optimistic Israeli reports), have let the Israeli army pass through their side of the city thereby surprising Hezbollah fighters who did not take into consideration that the UN would “give a hand” to the Israelis.

First the Marwaheen massacre of women and children that wouldn’t have happened if the UN would have opened the doors for those who were escaping, and that in effect threw them back in the midst of Israeli ad-hoc shooting, and now this story, all of this is starting to give me the creeps, especially if you also add to it the possibility that the IDF could be a legitimate candidate for a “multinational” force sanctified by the UN.

I think we should stop calling it the UN and just address it as the USA surrogates.


One Reply to “United Nation’s complicity with Israel”

  1. Excellent.

    It appears that the Israeli Amy is getting the same courtesy from the UN that Hizbollah got. LOL


    Had the UN been worth a damn none of this would have gotten started.


    At this point there is agreement on both sides. The UN is worthless.

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