Friends in Christ …

With friends like these, one can get a sense of the rot … It almost makes my former boss in Rome seem decent and highly evolved … Even Abe Foxman has doubts about the group …


3 Replies to “Friends in Christ …”


    I hereby submit our application seeking a community children’s health center(Medical Clinic) to improve the health living of poor and diseased orphans at Friends Orphanage Kisugu(FOK).

    The Friends Orphanage Kisugu” An interfaith community based organisation supporting HIV orphans,street and vulnerable children from poorest families in Kisugu a slum surburb in Kampala District/UGANDA. FOK is fully registered with the government of Uganda/Africa Reg. No. UG/CBO/MAK – 220 with a plight for orphans, disadvantaged children and needy women.

    Kisugu has no Clinics,medical centers and hospitals and a few available makes it expensive for sick and ill children at Friends Orphanage Kisugu and the local community of Kisugu and the surrounding areas leading to loss of lives at many times. Its for this reason i write to request for your financial support to implement a Friends Orphanage Health Care center where children and adults may receive free medical treatments or at a lower cost for survival. Attached is our project proposal for your perusal hence assistance.

    I will appreciate every positive response from your office.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Pastor Ruhasha Fresian Dickson
    Founder & Overseer
    Friends Orphanage Kisugu

  2. Hi, I’m not sure why that post is under my username, but it is definitely not from me. I have no association with Friends Orphanage Kisugu.
    Kind regards,

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