The French get-the-expat-out task force

It seems that the French boat that took thousands of Frenchmen and women out of the country, to Turkey, then on to Paris, was the most sophisticated. On top of all the options you had in the American boat (TVs, lounge, sauna, swimming pool, etc.), you also had a shrink – You know how emotionally devastated these people are, they were in a warzone for god’s sake! – and, a dentist… yes a dentist. A friend of mine took this opportunity to check her teeth. All of this under the watchfull eye of a couple of French landed army helicopters, and some soldiers scattered around the boat.

Let’s ask the Lebanese government to send shrinks to the thousands of refugees from the south that are parked in a haphazard way in Beirut’s public schools. And a couple of dentists while we’re at it, because with the phosphore and other chemical dirt contained in the Israeli bombs they may need to clean up their teeth. Oh wait minute, it’s the whole face that has been dislocated (or blackened in certain cases), so why note send the elite of the Lebanese society: the estheticians (plastic surgeons)! For once, they’ll be working for a good cause!


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