And now for a quick commercial break

On LBC, every night and especially during the news broadcast there is a very interesting ad that inevitably attracts our senses. It’s the first commercial break and reporters have just finished talking about the most awful stuff happening during the day in Lebanon (destruction of infrastructure, killing of civilians, economic disaster etc.) when the nice music of a Schubert sonate (if I’m not mistaken) captivates the mind of the consumer who sees young kids drawing during class time as (cute) teacher watches over them with tenderness. One kid shows the drawing of a sun while the cellist strikes his strings, then another cuts a rectangle inside the piece of paper, stands up and sticks it on the window from which you can see the sun appearing with the trees outside the window, inside the rectangular space. Then the slogan (in Arabic and not very well translated sorry can’t find the expression in English): “As cloudy as the sky can get the sun of Lebanon will shine again”, Bank Audi…

I still don’t know if this can be called war profiteering.


9 Replies to “And now for a quick commercial break”

  1. Should I call it then a conspiracy?…

    No seriously, the important thing is that it is being used right now, relentlessly. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

  2. bech: total war profiteering. or emotional manipulation, which, come to think of it, is the essence of advertising. i used to work in advertising in lebanon (i’m not proud of it; i had to pay my rent!) and it is the most bizarre world you can imagine. Everything that happens in the country is an opportunity to be capitalized on (remember how many ads, most without rhyme or reason, incorporated Lebanese flags into their designs after the assassination of Hariri?) In fact, I can see the meeting in my head for this one: what the client said (make me more money!), what the marketing people said (brand awareness, aspirational, blablabla marketspeak) and then the creatives, who, haram, want to live up to their names but forget they’ve had their souls sucked out by working in the engine room of the capitalist monster machine and leap upon the nearest event to latch on to and create a “line” which will resonate emotionally with those folks on the street who are not aware how deeply they’re being manipulated.
    Anyway, sorry for the rant, but it’s nice to have not thought about massacres/war for oh… almost one minute now. Damn. And now we’re back to the regularly scheduled program…

  3. Well in what sense do you find the message of that add offensive? Do you think people will change from a bank to another because of this? Is there a product that is being offered?
    What kind of adverts should be allowed and which ones should be forbidden? Is there an industry that it you find immoral to sustain in times of war?

  4. this add is just a way to give hope to people… by the way before the add was on TV it has been on most of the bilboards of lebanon… it is all about observation. one nore thing when the War started most of the people working in the commercial field (they are alot in lebanon) where going to find them self without a Job! so this a way to keep on having economical activities somehow…

  5. not to mention that the matching billboard was already up on the streets no later than the 16th of July. the billboard shows clearly that it is done min aribo, w 3assaree3 to be the first to make use and profit the situation.

  6. When the war ends I’m going to run and open an account in Bank Audi, those guys are visionaries, they say the sun will shine again, thank god this bank exist to remind me that. Or is it a metaphor, meaning that peace will come after war, if so, it’s a brilliant theory, peace comes after war, brilliant.

    During war, only resistance prevail, everything else risks becoming unethical, just like war is.


  7. “During war, only resistance prevail, everything else risks becoming unethical, just like war is.”

    Hmmm… What are your practical recommendations then? What is ‘resisting’? Is it taking weapons? Burning US flags and chanting anti-Israeli slogans? Stopping all economic activity and staying home? Feeling guilty for not being in the frontline?
    How should be the ethical wartime lifestyle of the average resistant?

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