Rice Breaks the Ice …

Rice was apparently quite chatty on her flight from DC to Jerusalem or so it seems:

“Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday the United States’ poor relationship with Syria is overstated and indicated an openness to working with Damascus to resolve the crisis in the Middle East. En route to the region, Rice noted that the United States still has a diplomatic mission and State Department officials working in the Syrian capital. That presence, she said, is a “‘channel for dealing with Syria.'”

“The problem isn’t that people haven’t talked to the Syrians. It’s that the Syrians haven’t acted,” she said. “I think this is simply just a kind of false hobby horse that somehow it’s because we don’t talk to the Syrians.

“It’s not as if we don’t have diplomatic relations,” she said. “We do.”

Again, hard to tell if this is just the administration fighting off domestic criticism for not engaging in diplomacy or the beginning of a thaw in US-Syrian relations … We shall see …


5 Replies to “Rice Breaks the Ice …”

  1. Addendum: Bolton spoke Sunday as well and well I dont like to repeat things he says, but it was a much tougher line against Damascus … Schizophrenia, much?

  2. Schizophrenia… or is it Disassociative Identity Disorder? And maybe with a combination of Narcissistic or Anti-Social Disorders? Or should we just throw the whole DSM-IV at them, at all of this? And yet the USA is constantly cutting funds to Mental Health Services… Well, then, I guess it is no wonder…

  3. So what is the Hizbollah disease? Meglomania? Delusions of grandeur? Hearing voices? Superiority complex? Or maybe too much love?

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