Most Disgusting Thing I Have Read …

This, courtesy of the Doctor Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post op-ed pages:

Israeli soldiers die so that Lebanese civilians will not…


11 Replies to “Most Disgusting Thing I Have Read …”

  1. That column was on the front page of the [Toronto] National Post this morning. When I read it, I wasn’t outraged at all … CK framed the argument without nuance, and laid bare the reality of the situation: Israel is the least morally vacant party in this conflict. Housing your weapons caches and personnel in highly dense residential areas, as Hezbollah is doing, makes you no less a target, in the eyes of Israel.

    If anyone is to blame for putting the Lebanese population at risk, it is Hezbollah, not Israel.

  2. you are wrong my friend.

    the highly densed residential areas were bombed for no good reason as no weapons were found. If you follow the news my friend you would know that Hezbollah had already evacuated these areas a long time ago knowing that Israel was planning on attacking.

    Now if you rely on “CK” to quench your intellectual apetite then good luck understanding basic about how the world functions.

    Israel uses uselessly murderous methods because they are desperate and kept on losing the war. Hezbollah was calculate, prudent and acted very efficiently throughout the war.

    You may not agree with the causes and reasons, but even Israeli generals praise the way Hezbollah managed their resistance.

  3. Bech, I, even as a Canadian, am a victim of the US media. For my ill-informed observation, I do apologize. However, I do stand by my comment that Hezbollah must own responsibility for whatever wrath they brought upon themselves. Like everyone else, I am disturbed by the damage being done to your country.

  4. Look guys, everything is arguable, especially when emotions are flying and Innocent civilians are dying, but it is high time someone holds Hezbollah accountable for dragging Lebanon into this mess. this does not mean i support Israels atrocities towards my country….yes my country, bcz that is the the immediate emotional presumption people gather….that you just bashed…this and taboo that bla bla bla bla bl abla ………
    the point is, i know every unfair and demonic thing Israel has done to us, i ve lived through it. However when a family is dragged to war, bcz its eldest son has just hit puberty and is very opinionated about his neighbor and we all…and i repeat…..we all end up in its(Israel) fangs…well that is just plain stupid.
    where is the Lebanese political arena….Power politics, diplomacy,( this is so far fetched for Lebanon, i sound like an idiot) balance of power, accountability…who are we kidding right!!!
    we are trying to avoid a civil war bcz we know we disagree internally….the fact that it is a danger looming above us and a thought that can very realistically materialise should be considered a failure to Lebanon and it s people …stop focusing on the easy target(Israel), and take care of your shit!!!
    i think that is bluntly what the US, France, the UN and oooooo…yes ISRAEL is telling lebanon BLUNTLY.

  5. Diaspora,

    Both Bechir and I are well aware of the well-documented pathologies within Lebanon and Lebanese politics … Indeed, no party nor group in Lebanon is free of them … However, our particular concern is with the Saudi/Israeli/American/Syrian surgeons who open up the Lebanese body politic and then tell the patient that he needs to sew himself up to survive …

  6. “stop focusing on the easy target(Israel), and take care of your shit!!!
    i think that is bluntly what the US, France, the UN and oooooo…yes ISRAEL is telling lebanon BLUNTLY.”

    I don’t think you’re right diaspora. Watch the political game. the non-Lebanese actors don’t give a damn about Lebanese “unity”. They want their piece of the pie. this is political rationale from Aristotle’s days and even before.

    Don’t be fooled by ideas and look for the concrete. Ask yourself the question, why is Hezbollah doing what it is doing? but take the time to answer after deep thinking. There is a very logical explanation to it.

  7. RATED (R)eligion.

    yes..if i make a focused point, it does not mean i allow and agree with the opposite, the other, its generic justification or the atypical presumption.
    if you bash Lebanon, you must be with Israel, or if you bash the internal Lebanese policy you are immediately neglecting its complexity by ignoring external influence.
    i can not agree more with the fact that our internal issues is fueled by outside favoritism and influence.
    one point at a time shabeb(guys..lal ejeneb), i still point the finger at my country. they (Lebanese sects) have always acted like a husband and wife that threaten each other with divorce(civil war), backed by their best Friends and families respectively(Israel,Saudi,Syria…..etc)they jump at each others throats, every single time they argue or have a fight.( on June 1st, i believe their was a provocation, not a defencive aggression at MONO street…Right Beshir??)
    we all know that this is a recipe for disaster, and only their trust and respect can lead to a solution.
    the current situation is the most logical and only external force(Israel) that can exert pressure (and do the dirty work since they already are the antagonist) to unify the individuals(internal Lebanon) and to see that ridding themselves of external factions is for their own good, while creating a one.
    Anytime their is an unbias negative energy or forceful oppression that dissatisfies the majority, they tend to unite under one cause, which is currently materialising on Lebanese grounds as we speak.
    UNFORTUNATELY….with great anger…i condemn the shelling of civilians and the unproportionate aggression from the bottom of my heart, they have milked the situation and taken advantage of the world. I can only hope for the best to come out of such horrible actions.

    we are not a GREATER DAMASCUS, we are not IRAN, we are not KSA, we are not ISRAEL, we are not ARAB, we are not WESTERN, we do not have BROTHERS and we no longer have SISTERS!!!!
    we are LEBANON, i do not say this out of insecurity or reassurance to my national fellows, bcz of my hidden intentions or under the table agenda(sounds accurate Beshir??), i say it…bcz we should segregate on a more nationalistic level then a factional one.
    our sense of nationalism is truly distorted, it saddens me to say…i feel deprived since it is a collective practice!!!!

    PS: i sound angree…hehheeh

  8. i must say you are a bit confusing. I don’t really understand what you mean. could you reformulate more clearly?

    i feel you have this mystified image of what you think is “Lebanon”… but forgive me if I’m wrong. I am waiting for clarifications

  9. ya bech, plz point out the points that you do not think are clear. and i would gladly elaborate…..

    As for “mystified lebanon”….yes, you have a great point.
    Lebanon has been in the shitters for so long, any hope or call for reforme will sound very mystic.

  10. “To hear the world pass judgment on the Israel-Hezbollah war as it unfolds is to live in an Orwellian moral universe.”
    Well, at least that’s true. An Orwellian universe where:
    democracy = what i tell you to vote, sandnigger
    freedom = bombing the crap out of you to “save” you
    birth pangs = death and carnage
    self-defense = abject state terrorism
    a moral army = massacres and more massacres
    collateral damage = 650+ civilians dead, 250,000 homes destroyed, 800,000 refugees
    accidental = deliberate targetting of UN & ambulances
    Krauthammer = reputable journalist

  11. ya bech, plz point out the points that you do not think are clear. and i would gladly elaborate……
    As for “mystified Lebanon”….yes, you have a great point.
    Lebanon has been in the shitters for so long, any hope or call for reform will sound very mystic.

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