Remarks from Nasrallah’s latest speech

Hezbollah’s SG Hassan Nasrallah confirmed yesterday in a TV speech that some Lebanese factions are giving information to the Israeli forces. He did not mention names, unlike we in this blog who pointed out that 20 Lebanese Forces (LF) members were arrested a couple of days ago with a whole set of material resembling those found with MOSSAD agent arrested a month or so ago (do you remember this story my friends?). What we wrote at the time seems interesting in this regard.

In any case, this seems to explain why Israelis were sometimes shooting where they thought Hezbollah fighters would be found although it turned out there aren’t any (like today’s massacre in Qana, but also so many others before). As pointed out before, all the locations hit by the Israeli army by plane were emptied by Hezbollah but also by most civilians that Hezbollah advised to leave.

Just for you to know, they are still arresting LF members. And I’m sure there may be other parties involved – not specifically linked to a Lebanese political party – that are giving information to Israeli war planes. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the MOSSAD cell that was found sometime ago in Lebanon is the only one. There are many others, but it seems that no one could infiltrate Hezbollah’s group, and this is kind of impressive to say the least.


2 Replies to “Remarks from Nasrallah’s latest speech”

  1. Unfortunately, I would imagine that there are many in Lebanon willing to help the Israelis, and I dont think, in the abstract, that their political orientation would be the most reliable indication of their willingness. I would also imagine that HIZB has been engaging in a fairly serious disinformation campaign to keep the Israelis confused with large volumes of inaccurate or misleading information. The Israelis, of course, know exactly the location of the mobile rocket launchers when they fire, but this is not really helpful because they are gone by the time the Israeli bombers hit the skies. And the Israelis are aware of this and thus need human intel to hit targets of some military value.

    I dont know quite what to make of Nasrallah’s comments, as this issue must be handled very delicately. I do not think it overly wise of Nasrallah to dwell heavily on this issue, because it comes across as an ominous warning to those sympathetic with Israel and will likely antogonize and radicalize their politics — I assuming that those in it for the money, whom are probably the vast majority, will continue as long as they do not fear being caught … I think it better for Nasrallah not to dwell on such issues because events are likely to occur in their favor and there seems no need to create more enemies than one already has. In general, I would say that Hizbullah handled this issue of collaboration brilliantly following the Israeli withdrawal of 2000, prefering normalization to fruitless antagonism and leaving the fate of the SLA guys to the State. This is the best strategy for the future as well … Just my sense …

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